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Tribeca 2021: “Marvelous and the Black Hole”


Rating: 4 out of 5.

A troubled child needs extra attention to build up trust in themselves, get more engaged with their community and it helps to have an interesting project that could keep him or her active. By pushing them against their own demons won’t help them to fight it, but rather grow their own despair that won’t do any good.

The thirteen-year-old Sammy can’t bear the thought that her mother passed away. As she struggles to cope with the loss, she gets into trouble at school again and again. One of them resulted in a fight that forces her father to put her into a community school. Not watching her language or interested in anything, it seems she will fail again. She even yells at a woman, Margot, in the washroom not realizing that if there is someone who can fix the damage in her, it will be Margot and her magic.

With “Marvelous and the Black Hole”, Director Kate Tsang delivers an incredibly uplifting coming-of-age story with a breakout performance from Miya Cech, who owns every scene, along with the wonderful Rhea Perlman as Sammy’s mentor. At first, when Sammy was assigned a task at the community school, she left without saying a single word. But the beauty of stories like “Marvelous and the Black Hole” is the portrayal of the dark side of how one cannot get over the loss of a loved one, and how we underestimate one’s grief over another’s.

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