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TIFF 2021: “The Pink Cloud”

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s hard to predict how many more films we can handle after going through a global pandemic. We certainly live in a modern version of the dystopian world in which we must learn to live during massive lockdowns. Luckily, despite our situation which seemingly could not get any worse, the event occurring in Iuli Gerbase’s film is much more devastating…

Giovana and Yago did not plan to spend the next few years together when they met at a party. As they were enjoying each other’s company, it was announced that everyone must get inside their buildings, lock the windows and not go out if they don’t want to get killed by a strange pink cloud in ten seconds. Giovana, especially, had her own plans set for the future. But she has no idea what awaits her as she starts her new chapter of life living in isolation with the stranger.

Yago is not one of those men who would, say, disregard or abuse Giovana. In fact, he tries to find common ground with the woman he shares the same roof. As they both navigate through online life with their relatives and friends, Yago shares all the duties at home with his, as he considers her, soulmate. There is no explanation provided about where the pink cloud came from or when it will disappear. But, as it happened with Covid-19, it was promised that it’ll go away by winter. But as the film progresses, with many more winters, we see the pink cloud still existing.

As soon as the film starts, Iuli Gerbase makes the audience known that the script was written back in 2017 and the film itself was shot in 2019. So if there are any resemblances with current events, it should be considered purely coincidental. The film itself is not just ambitious but terrifyingly real, almost predicting events of the virus ahead of time. Everything appears so familiar that it makes this film extremely powerful and useful to watch. It can even help some others who struggle, to not miss the signs of mental illness or any other problems with health. It’s an absolutely remarkable film of its kind, whether you are fed up with lockdowns or not, certainly must give a try.

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