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TIFF 2021: “Dashcam”

© Courtesy of TIFF

As technology keeps evolving, so do the movies. It seems the writers try to use all the possibilities of the digital world to come up with the most unique ideas for their stories. And imagine, if technology is used for a horror movie with the Blumhouse Productions on board, expect a juicy ride filled with gruesome scenes that satisfy the horror genre lovers.

Annie is a musician who is fed up with the pandemic life, does not believe in COVID vaccines and wears a hat with ‘Make America Great Again’ written on it. So, she begins to film herself with a dashcam, putting everybody at risk. The woman is selfish, neglectful, narcissistic, and utterly ignorant. But she has nine lives, as what she is about to get into, not to die swiftly, is the definition of anti-love any writer would not even want to give as a gift to the characters created by them.

Make no mistake, writers Gemma Hurley, Rob Savage, Jed Shepherd nor director Rob Savage have no empathy or sympathy for Annie nor you will. Perhaps, she will become the most disliked character in the Blumhouse Universe. The movie puts her into so much pain, like a never ending hell, the woman will go through, as a punishment for her ignorance towards the people’s needs. All that will be live recorded, for people to comment on her feed, as if she was an irrelevant human being who might just stage the entire occurrence for more likes.

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