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Sundance 2022: “The Dark Heart”


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Greed and jealousy always walk hand in hand. When rich cannot get richer and poor cannot get enough money, it is a guaranteed deadly combination if their paths collide.

Based on true events, “The Dark Heart” takes the audience to Southern Sweden where Sanna, a 21-year-old struggles to be heard or respected by her rich landowner father, Bengt. The young woman meets Marcus, a man her age from a much poorer family, disliked by her father due to his fear of Marcus’ father. But when Bengt disappears without a trace, Tanja, the multi-talented woman gets involved in finding the missing man.

What she does not know is the web of lies she is about to get into, as she is the only person who is committed to getting to the bottom of Bengt’s disappearance and the events that led to it. Sanna, who is obsessed with becoming the heir apparent, gets romantically involved with Marcus. All these events take the viewer to two years later where it appears that only Emilie, Bengt’s older daughter is interested to find her father, dead or alive, while Sanna takes over the land she was so obsessed about.

The award-winning director Gustav Möller paints a horrific dark picture of family greed, murder and the lack of interest from police that follows one rule – no body no crime. The first three episodes are smart as it slowly brings us to the point where we must take sides. And it’s not easy. Marcus is proven to be ruthless and desperate. Sanna gets what she deserved. But it’s a show about Tanja who is so capable and smart – she for sure will do what police cannot. And trust me on that, you will be the same as me, eager to find out as the series progresses.

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