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TV Review: Netflix`s “Inventing Anna” (2022)


Rating: 5 out of 5.

It’s absolutely remarkable that the system has been designed in such a way that it opens up opportunities for people who like committing financial fraud. Yet, when that fraud is being committed by the rich and powerful, the judicial system turns a blind eye to it. But when it’s someone who does not have money to defend herself/himself, that individual ends up in prison. One way or another, scamming people is not acceptable. But when it’s told in the movies, trust me, it looks more fascinating than you can imagine.

Anna “Delvey” Sorokin (Julia Garner) is a wannabe socialite. She wears only the best dresses, eats at the best restaurants, stays in luxury hotels and takes a private jet to fly overseas because she wanted to attend a party. All that’s good, of course, except for one little detail – she has no money to cover her bills. Instead, she creates such a stressful situation that her friends must cover the bills, which are higher than their annual income. She defrauds the banking system, cashing out enough money to allow herself a lavish lifestyle and pay 100 dollar bills in tips. In the meantime, an investigative journalist from Manhattan magazine is assigned to write an article about her, in a tour-de-force journey worth seeing.

Created by the brilliant Shonda Rhimes for Netflix and based on an insanely shocking true story, “Inventing Anna” is one of the best mini-series you will see on TV that does not try to glorify fraudulent crimes of a real-life person, Anna Sorokin, who pretended to be a German heiress to get into the club of elites of elites. However, the series raises a big question – If? And that creates a broader perspective into what would happen if banks granted her the required 20 million dollars to create her most desired FAD (Funds of Delvey) for the rich, a club like Soho in New York.

Her victims are not just banks, but her friends too, who have entrusted her with their credit cards that she uses to cover her expenses. With the brilliant cast, led by the big revelation, Julia Garner as a selfish, self-centered Anna Delvey, while Anna Chlumsky portrays journalist Vivian Kent, inspired by the true New York Post journalist, Jessica Pressler, who the entire series is inspired by. It’s incredible how great Chlumsky was, and you will wish, going forward, she is cast in every prestigious project. Some scenes are too scary to watch. It captures the dark side of Anna Delvey, who is always calm, calculated and manipulative. Garner’s prison scenes are so good, she must start getting ready to receive plenty of awards because she truly deserves it.

As for the entire story, it reminds us that no matter how far you run away from the truth, it will still hunt all of us down. Not to reveal much, “Inventing Anna” is superbly directed, narrated and subtly acted by the entire cast. From start to end, it’s a complete joy. A feast for the eyes and music to ears. Furthermore, it’s the true definition of being glued to TV, because as soon as you start watching “Inventing Anna”, you won’t stop until it’s over. As for the story, it teaches us a lot – be vigilant, look around and don’t trust strangers. Especially those who are overwhelmingly trying to be likeable.

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