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Film Review: “Ambulance” (2022)


Rating: 4 out of 5.

It seems that every filmmaker can deliver an action-packed film, however, not everyone can recreate an awesome car chase film the way Michael Bay does. Forget about the nonsense Fast and Furious franchise, with all due respect, because there is the new king on the road you gotta try to catch -– An Ambulance.

War Veteran Will Sharp (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) is tired of talking to the hospitals regarding his wife’s emergency surgery for money he so desperately needs but cannot find. With a newborn child, it is important to keep her alive, and so the man asks his notorious adopted brother Danny Sharp (Jake Gyllenhaal) for a large sum of money. The man, at first, is not happy that his estranged brother appears only when needs something. But this time, he agrees to help if Will helps him rob a large LA Bank, with $32 million at stake. What appeared to be an easy walk in the park turns into a high-adrenaline car chase between the police and an Ambulance where the brothers take a paramedic and an injured officer as hostages.

Based on Ambulancen by Laurits Munch-Petersen and Lars Andreas Pedersen, “Ambulance” turns into a hell of a ride filled with mind-blowing car stunts. The chase sequences are shot using First Person View (FPV) drones by Light Craft, flown by the two skilled Drone Racing League pilots in the industry, Jordan Tempkin and Alex Vanover. Those angles and frames are some of the best you will probably talk about much more than anything else. But make no mistake, the film is an adrenaline-charged thriller that is worthwhile seeing any day. The concept is quite simple – the brothers must make it home by the end of the day, preferably alive. Officer Zach (Jackson White) must survive an intense surgery that paramedic Cam Thompson must manage to extract a bullet out of his stomach. Will Sharp should control his brother’s madness yet save the day.

The entire film, even though is a non-stop thriller, is character-driven. All the main protagonists and antagonists must find a way to evolve, learn, grow, and get better or worse. Michael Bay, as a director, delivers once again, proving that, no one can manage films of this magnitude the way he does. He has overdone himself. He exceeds and goes beyond expectations by delivering something new. Something that will blow your mind away. Completely. Irreparably. It’s a dazzling, superb and never stopping action thriller that, I must say, will have the longest list of damaged cars that I can recall. As for the cast, of course, it is a whole different story. But when you have Jake Gyllenhaal as Danny Sharp, what can you expect from him? Any role he plays is unique, subtle and charismatic. Does not matter how bad the guy is, Jake Gyllenhaal will make you sympathize with him; even if for a short amount of time. But that’s enough to realize the severity of accountability the actor takes on himself when it comes to playing someone else.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Elza Gonzalez, Keir O`Donnell, Jackson White, Garret Dillahunt, TV Legend, A Martinez and more shine in every scene, making acting look so effortless. But that’s why the job of an actor is so important. You either take the role and deliver it or do nothing. In “Ambulance”, every single one of them has taken the task seriously. No doubt about that. As for the film, it’s a big thrill and a great treat from Michael May. It’s an absolute fun film to watch that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Sometimes it’s melodramatic, funny, hilarious and scary. It has everything to give you to enjoy your movie night. Because a film like this must be seen on the big screen. Not a small one, tablet or any gadget. And I sincerely hope you will make your way towards the nearest cinema to take a ride with an Ambulance, which, trust me, has one goal only – to not stop.

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