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TIFF 2022: “I Like Movies”

Isaiah Lehtinen (Lawrence) in I LIKE MOVIES by Chandler Levack. Photo courtesy of VHS Forever Inc.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Has it ever happened to you that as you begin to watch a film, you realize you are not able to connect with the main character? Because he is mean, arrogant, disrespectful and thinks he is the best thing to have happened to this planet? If that has really happened to you – congratulations! You are officially connected to the story.

Lawrence (Isaiah Lehtinen) is socially awkward, unable to connect with people, a die-hard cinephile and dreams high to enter NYU, to study film. He adores SNL and makes little films with his best friend (Percy Hynes White), while living with his single mother (Krista Bridges). There’s only one thing the character has in mind – to fly high. But what he does not realize is that all that he needs is right there in front of him. And when he gets a job at Sequels video store in Burlington, his life changes… equally for good and bad.

What is more appealing about “I Like Movies” is the story of a young man that has to learn to ask questions, show interest in others and leave his own personal agenda aside for a second, while focusing on others. It does not work quite well until he meets his manager (Romina D’Ugo) who is not shy with words if she needs to challenge someone. I guess, it’s the actors, apart from a well written screenplay by Toronto writer/director Chandler Levack, who strangely enough, makes this first Canadian film of the year that is equally fun to watch, smart and educational.

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