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Hot Docs 2023: “Unsyncable”


Rating: 4 out of 5.

The younger we are, the more negligent and ignorant we are towards the sense of time. We think we are invincible, undefeatable, and will stay young forever. If something cannot be done today, there is always tomorrow. A tomorrow we are lucky to see, but for some – not so much. Therefore, there is always a need for something that can make us think about what we are today and where we are gonna end up tomorrow. Questions like this are related to our health as well. Can we be just lazy because an excuse such as — not being the right time — will work once again?

“Unsyncable” follows a group of seniors in their sixties and beyond who are on a journey to find new strength, the beauty of life and body in synchronized swimming. They don’t feel limited by their age, in fact, encouraged and inspired by what their heart tells them. Every single one of them does what is right for them as their body begins to swim through the salty water of a pool that embraces what these wonderfully talented men and women have to offer. Age is just a number, well, director Megan Wennberg proves that through her film.

Each documentary subject has a unique story to share. All of them are touching and moving. Ellen, 63, from Ontario’s Kitchener, reclaims her confidence through competitive swimming. Every athlete you meet is quite unique, fantastic, and absolutely charming. Watching how they enjoy their life will make your heart sing and dance throughout. You will realize the importance of the moments you live and how to extend the pleasure life offers. The pleasure will lift up the mood of an individual and feel healthier through swimming. Remarkable stories do happen every day – but the one you will learn in “Unsyncable” is on a whole different level.

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