Author: Ulkar Alakbarova

My name is Ulkar Alakbarova. A wonderful name, is it not? I come from the exotic land of Azerbaijan but now I live in the hub of Hollywood North – Toronto, Canada. How lucky I am to be able to enjoy and indulge in my favourite avocation of watching movies. Movies of every genre are screened here in Toronto. There are black and white classics, avant garde, independently produced, and of course, newly released movies for all to enjoy. Let me share this treasure of entertainment with you. Read my thoughts and opinions then let me know if you agree.

Canadian Film Festival 2023: “Wintertide”

The horror film genre has always evolved. Starting with “Freakshow” (1932), which was been banned in 43 countries, Hitchcock’s, “Birds” or “Psycho,” they helped our favorite genre to enter a….