Movie Review; The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones

Refund is minimum what you can do to compensate the time that you will spend to watch the movie that will make you hate yourself by the end of the movie.


Title: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Director: Harald Zwart

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Drama

Cast: Lilly Collins, Robert Maillet, Kevin Durand, Lena Headey


Well, first thing is the movie tells about the girl that discovers that she does not belong to the world that she thought belong to. And she also discovers that she is descendant of a line of Shadowhuners. And after disappearance of her mother she has decided to join forces with a group of people that introduce her an alternate new York that full of demons, vampires and etc. Well, first of all, don`t expect from this movie something more that it can offer. And it can offer nothing to its audience.

Harald Zwart (Karate Kid, Agent Kody Banks) who directed this movie might did not know what to do with the script. He tried to combine all possible fictions stories in one Mortal Instruments that could help him to create a City of Bones, but the result is the movie as bad as Twilight. I can`t even say which one is the worst. To be honest, I don`t want to spend much time to write about this movie that did not really deserve not even my time, but yours too.

There is another thing that should be discussed after finishing watching this movie, if I may call that as “movie” – acting and actors that were involved in this film. I think, they did not really know what to do there. It seems they were absolutely lost in the City of Bones, and could not find their way back to the reality. The acting and story itself was so bad that it will make you to ask for refund:  – that is what I exactly did. I asked for refund, but nobody can bring my wasted time back because of this movie.


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