Film Review: “World War Z” (2013)


Director: Mark Forster

Writers: Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, Damon Lindelof

Cast: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz, James Badge Dale, Ludi Boeken, Matthew Fox, Fana Mokoena, David Morse, Elyes Gabel, Peter Capaldi and etc.


Zombies attack the whole world. Former UN investigator, Gerry Lane, his wife Karin, and their two daughters, are in Philadelphia when the city falls into chaos. An old friend of Gerry’s helps him and his family to escape the city and transports them to a U.S. Navy vessel in the Atlantic Ocean where scientists and military personnel are analyzing the current World situation. In light of these circumstances, Gerry`s friend asks him to travel to South Korea with a group of scientists to find out the reason for the appearance of the unknown virus that threatens to destroy all of humanity.

Well, we have seen many movies about Zombies. Zombies are quite terrifying creatures, and to be honest, I am glad we don`t have any around. Nevertheless, in “World War Z”, we see nothing else but Zombies who attack and kill people without giving them a chance to survive or fight back. Brad Pitt plays a former UN investigator, who, as everyone is doing, tries to find a way to avoid the fate of the others; to not be killed by “the walking dead.”  It`s not fun to get killed and be resurrected as a Zombie and having a wife and two kids makes his mission seem impossible.

Fortunately, as a former UN employee, he has good connections; friends, who are there to help in times of trouble. After Zombies have attacked Philadelphia (and the rest of the World), UN Deputy Secretary-General Thierry Umutoni – an old friend of Gerry’s- sends a helicopter to transport Gerry`s family to a U.S. Navy Vessel in the Atlantic Ocean. He tells them that most of the people, along with the president, have been killed and not many people in the government have survived.

Gerry’s friend, Thierry Umautoni (Fana Mokoena), agrees to bring Gerry’s family to a safe place, but he is not who he seems to be. He tells Gerry to travel to South Korea with the scientists to find the source of this unknown disease that makes people become Zombies. If Gerry says “No”, then Thierry will send the Lanes family back to Philadelphia to find their own way to survive. I did not blame the UN Deputy for this, as he needs to protect the World, and save all of humanity.

“World War Z”, directed by the incredibly talented Mark Forster (Monster`s Ball, Finding Neverland,  Quantum of Solace), knows how to make big budget movies successful. With an available budget of $190 million, “World War Z” earned over $540 million worldwide. Sounds impressive, right? Is it worthy of your time or not? That is a question that only you can answer.

“World War Z” is a film based on the 2006 novel, of the same name, by Max Brooks. With the help of such gifted writers as Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, and Damon Lindelof, Mark Forster was able to finalize the screenplay and make a movie, which would become commercially successful.

Even though a blockbuster and Brad Pitt’s highest grossing film ever, this does not necessarily make it one of his best films. Even though this film has no noticeable gaps or scenes that would make you want to leave the auditorium for a refund, it still is not the greatest masterpiece of all time”.  Not even close.

The film starts dynamically and ends in the same way. The screenplay was written very well and it seems that Mark Forster knows what he wants the entire time. This also gives him a chance to explore more. All the actors who played Zombies were incredibly terrifying and their performance was very convincing; however, the main issue with this film is the solution that is delivered to save humanity and to give the World an opportunity to continue its existence, shocked me. I understand that certain steps the government must take are horrifying, even though they provided strong evidence in support of their decision; but the mass killing of sick people at the stadium, without giving them a chance to recover, could not be justified.

One thought on “Film Review: “World War Z” (2013)

  1. I remember this as the slowest movies ever, with most of the people in the theatre going to sleep 😉 but I liked this movie, and still question why was this in 3D. And I hoped that they had found the solution earlier by seeing people in hospitals spared by zombies due to diseases 😀
    Nice take 🙂

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