Film Review: “Wish I Was Here” (2014)


Directed by: Zack Braff

Written by: Zach Braff, Adam J. Braff

Cast: Zach Braff, Kate Hudson, Pierce Gagnon, Joey King, Alexander Chaplin and Mandy Patinkin

Life can be tough. It can be full of challenges, but when you have someone who will love and support you even when you do something wrong, or fail at something – this is what inspires  the hero in  “Wish I was here”. Aidan Bloom is a 35 year old man, a father of two (boy and teenage girl), and married to Sarah, who is as kind as he is. Life, which is full of surprises, and sometimes not pleasant ones, gives Aidan a reason to re-examine his existence and look at his own life from a different perspective. He tries to find a better way; a way that will show him the light, the true path, where he can find the answers to his questions.

Before you decide whether to watch the film “Wish I was here”, directed by Zach Braff (who also plays a lead role in his film), you need to know one simple fact: this is not a film like “A Million Ways To Die In The West” or a “Sex Tape” with Cameron Diaz. This film will show you the life of man, who might not be as rich as he would love to be, and does not own a fancy car, or a million dollar mansion in L.A, but instead finds his happiness in something very sweet, and touching; something that everyone has but might not value as much as Aidan Bloom  (Zach Braff) – a family.

Aidan Bloom is a very unsuccessful actor. He goes to auditions every day and gets nothing. He has a father, Gabe, played by Mandi Patinkin (Homeland), whose loses his battle with cancer. Aidan`s wife Sarah (Kate Hudson) has an office job. She tries to support her family, but her income does not cover all of the families’ expenses.

She also has a hard time at work dealing with a colleague who harasses her with his improper comments.   Nevertheless, staying strong, she helps her husband pursue his dream; to be a successful actor in L.A. However, this is something that does not happen, and Aidan looks for other ways to find inspiration; to reach something that was unreachable before. Since his father is about to die from cancer, he decides to have his kids leave the private school they attend because he has no money to pay for their education.  He takes a short road trip with his children, where he finally understands that, to succeed, he must pay attention to certain signs in his life and learn to follow them.

“Wish I was here” is a very beautiful and touching story of a man, who examines his life, his career, and family in an absolutely charming way. There is something inexplicably sweet in  the plot that makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the story, which revolves around a family that lives  life believing in such thing as – ‘only united we are strong’. This is what makes you believe that no matter  how many problems you face in your life , if you have someone who will be there for you;  to hold, to hug, and comfort you when you need it most – then all your troubles will fade with the first wind, leaving you peaceful with your loved ones – your family.

Another thing I would love to mention about this film are the truly great performances. Kate Hudson and Zach Braff were absolutely outstanding and look great together on the screen. There is something unusually beautiful in Zach Braff`s performance which I find hard to describe in simple words. His tenderness and sensitiveness, simplicity and kindness can be observed in his character throughout the film. Kate Hudson delivers a very solid performance,  presenting Sarah as a loving, caring wife, who can lead her husband when he can`t find the way on his own.

A truly remarkable story and I am sure many people will be able to relate to at least one of the characters.  If you want something that will both make you laugh and cry – “Wish I was here” is one of those films that in the end will make you regret that “You are Not There”.

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