TIFF 2014 Review: ‘While We`re Young’ (2014)


Directed by: Noah Baumbach

Written by: Noah Baumbach

Casting: Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried, Ben Stiller, Adam Driver, Maria Dizzia, Charles Grodin, Brady COrbet, Ryan Serhant, Dree Hemingway

Sometimes we simply look for excuses to not live our lives to the fullest. We make no plans, set no goals and waste our lives in front of the TV – complaining about how busy we are and why we do not manage to do this or that. But as soon as we meet someone younger, more energetic and who enjoys their lives heading towards a promising future, it threatens our existence and makes us look at our lives and realize we are forgetting one simple thing – to enjoy the life while we’re young. This is what exactly happens when Josh, a documentary filmmaker and his wife Cornelia meet a free-spirited younger couple – Darby and Jamie. They suddenly realize that their life is not as perfect as it looks, so they rush to make it better. Kind and generous Josh offers young Jamie a chance to help him make a documentary film. This is certainly to turn the lives of everyone involved upside down.

Not many films can offer something special to the viewer in such an intelligent manner as observed in Noah Baumbach’s “While We’re Young”. First of all, the film stands out with an exceptional, unique and wonderfully-told story, which certainly makes it one of the best films of the year’s so far. The screenplay is written extremely well developing each and every character in a quite unpredictable way. It can be divided into two different parts; the first part is about happiness, generosity and a desire to live life to the fullest, meanwhile the second part is more miserable, boring and sad. This is where we can see how the desire to build a happy life can actually slowly lead to destroying it.

Amanda Seyfried and Adam Driver appear in the film as a young couple – Darby and Jamie. Their happiness is infinite and their lives are full of joy. Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts play the older couple – Josh and Cornelia, who, although, dream big, but in reality do nothing to make their dreams true. Stiller embodies a documentary filmmaker who can’t complete his film because of the limited budget and his busy schedule. Opposite him Driver’s character Jamie is quite very different – he works hard on the documentary to bring it to life.  It is amazing to follow the character changes throughout the film leaving us with nothing but the feeling of fascination and disappointment about who they were and who they ultimately become.

Watts is excellent as Cornelia, whose greatest desire is to experience motherhood. Meanwhile, if goes without saying, that Stiller with his charismatic looks can make any film just fantastic.

“While We’re Young” is an absolute delight to watch and delve into the lives of two extremely different couples – one that enjoys every moment of life and the other keeps on filling their list of excuses for not making their lives better and more exciting. Nevertheless, there comes the moment when they realize that it is not yet too late to bring changes into their lives and find back the joy, pleasure and most importantly the love they used to feel for each other when they first met. As viewers we are left with a single message and desire to live the life while we are still young.

2 thoughts on “TIFF 2014 Review: ‘While We`re Young’ (2014)

  1. Thank you very much for your kind words. This film mostly not about staying young, but to live your life while you can, and not to copy the others life. This is very interesting, because this kind of movie make you think about many things that you have never think of before. I really like Noah Baumbach style, and his way of thinking and analyzing the life. He is great writer and quite successful director.

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