TV Show Review: “Stalker” (2014 – )


Directed by: Liz Friedlander

Created by: Kevin Williamson

Written by: Kevin Williamson

Starring: Dylan McDermott, Maggie Q, Mariana Klaveno, Victor Rasuk, Elisabeth Röhm, Erik Stocklin, Eric Lange, Daren Kagasoff, Michael Grant Terry, Melanie Liburd, Torrey DeVitto, Audrey Wasilewski, Gabriel Bateman, Alano Miller, Merle Dandridge, John M. Jackson

Stalking is one of the cases police might pay less attention to, until the moment the victim is hurt, or even worse – is killed. This is why CBS`s “The Stalker” is so important for the victims, because attention is all they need to be protected and saved in time.

The pilot episode of “The Stalker” is directed by Liz Friedlander, and revolves around Lieutenant Beth Davis (Maggie Q), the boss of the department. She is smart, experienced, and more importantly, was stalked by someone in her past.  This means she used to be in the shoes of the victims;  this makes her more dangerous to a potential Stalker, since she, like no one else, can get close enough to catch him.   For this mission, Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott), is newly recruited and transferred to L.A. to help with the investigation. However, he has his own skeletons in the closet. Unlike Beth Davis’ past experience, it appears that Larsen was a stalker himself, but only a few people know this. And it`s still unclear  why no one in the department has ever questioned him about his past. Having said that, Larsen and Davis will learn to work with each other; investigating Stalking cases, secretly using their own experience.

The pilot episode of “The Stalker” begins with Kate Edwards (Torrey DeVitto), who  becomes the first victim of the Stalker. She is killed and burns to death in her car. The saddest part of the story is, she had reported to the police that she was being stalked, but they didn’t pay attention, and as a result, she is  brutally murdered- and this is just  the beginning… I don`t want to say much about the episode, so as not to give out the spoilers. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that the pilot episode seems interesting and dynamic, which gives this series some chance for survival.

Another good thing about “Stalker” is that the beginning looks promising with a wonderful cast which will have you looking forward to more episodes.  However, it will be hard for “Stalker” to survive for more than two seasons, since, based on what I`ve seen on TV recently, these kind of shows have little chance to gather big ratings. Regardless of the story or the predictable plot, we see many shows that are cancelled despite the fact they are very good and deserve a second chance. “The Ringer” with Sarah Michelle Gellar is a good example of this trend.

Stalking is an interesting subject and a very dangerous thing that needs attention. This is why “Stalker” probably is one of the most important TV shows on right now and one that we all must see. Presumably, every new episode will open a new case and investigation, in the meantime, slowly opening us up to the unfortunate past of Davis and Larsen, which we all certainly want to know more about. “Stalker” seems to be a very interesting project, with a sensitive plot, which caught my attention. And, after seeing the season premiere, I am looking forward to more episodes, as Q and McDermott, no doubt, are capable of turning any hopeless project into a big success.

2 thoughts on “TV Show Review: “Stalker” (2014 – )

  1. I haven’t had a chance to see this yet, but I want to. My worry is that it won’t be “smart” but only gratuitous and dark. I would like to see cleverness and intelligence rather than an hour of needless scares and over dramatic violence. I will definitely give it a chance though. Thanks for the review!

  2. This has me interested, but just as it is difficult for this to survive there, that much difficult it is to come to the television here – never going to run here.

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