Film Review: “Dirty Weekend” (2013)


Film Review: ‘Dirty Weekend” (2013)

Director: Christopher Granier-Deferre

Writer: Geoffrey Gunn

Stars: Bernard Blancan, Célia Granier-Deferre, Kirsty Oswald, Jamie Parker, Pierre Perrier, Didier Vinson

There is an important rule, which should not be disregarded – if you are harboring some destructive plans and setting a trap for someone, be sure not to be the one, who is caught in it.This rule is all but forgotten by the characters of the film by Christopher Granier-Deferre. Thus, a weekend with a seemingly unpleasant surprise turns into a completely unexpected and even a dirty one.

School professor Mike and his student Trish – two eccentric lovers – plan to spend the weekend together outside of the city. Each of them has prepared an unexpected surprise, which for certain will turn to be unforgettable. However their big plans are ruined by an unconscious fugitive, who they find in their recently rented house. Now, instead of planning and dreaming about their big weekend together, Trish and Mike have to deal with someone who has a deadly and dangerous plan and would not hesitate to carry it out.

The film begins with our protagonist – Mike (Jamie Parker), who is on his way to pick up his teenage girlfriend Trish (Kirsty Oswald). Mike stops by the nearest mall to buy gifts for Trish; but instead of traditional candy or flowers he chooses something completely unromantic – a shovel and ice axe. A completely unrelated to their weekend event happens one day before: a masked man (Pierre Perrier) survives in a car accident – only to kill everyone else in the car and escape with a tremendous amount of money. He is injured, armed and dangerous. Now the trio is heading towards the same, unforgettable and life-changing direction: not everyone is destined to return from there.

Dirty Weekend” is the directorial debut of Christopher Granier-Deferre, who has gained recognition in the industry as a producer of over thirty small and big productions. His filmography includes such titles as: producer of “Siren” (2010) by Andres Hull, executive producer of “Something in the air” (2012) by Olivier Assayas (also known for his recent film “Clouds of Sils Maria”,  2014), line producer of  “A Thousand Kisses Deep” (2011) by Dana Lustig and “LOL (Laughing out Loud)” 2008 by Lisa Azuelos, starring Sophie Marceau. Starting a director’s career, Granier- Deferre created a couple of very interesting and entertaining low-budget shorts, engaging stories. The writer of this film is Geoffrey Gunn, who also wrote “Siren”.

Dirty Weekend” starts very dynamically; the story is captivating enough to follow, though some viewers might find it funny and unrealistic. The cast succeeds in doing what they are told. Their characters are realistic, insanely silly and unable to make a decision in a critical situation, which is a perfect quality to worsen their already awful situation.

I think the viewers should not have high expectations of “Dirty Weekend”, but it`s a good thing though. The story of the film is very simple and entertaining. The audience will certainly enjoy a good Friday evening and will be reminded of the well-known saying – “what goes around, comes around”. Nevertheless, this saying is discounted by the characters of “Dirty Weekend”.

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