Film Review: “Mary Kom” (2014)


Written by: Saiwyn Qadras

Directed by: Omung Kumar

Country: India

Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Zachary Coffin, Darshan Kumaar, Darshan Kumar, Lin Laishram, Bijou Thaangjam, Sunil Thapa

I`ve seen many sport drama films. The recent one was “Million Dollar Arm”, which I must say, left me in tears by the time the film ended. At that time, if someone would have told me that “Mary Kom” would leave me in tears the way Craig Gillespie`s film did, I would certainly have laughed at them and called that person insane. But the truth is, I was never more happy admitting that I was so wrong, because “Mary Kom” is as good as “Million Dollar Arm” ,which tell two different stories based on courage, determination and the willingness to fight against the whole world just to do what you like most;  playing or being part of your favorite sport. In “Mary Kom”’s case, this is boxing where not a man, but a woman has to make one of the most difficult and life changing decisions of her life; who must stand against one of the most important persons in her life- her father.

Based on a true story.  Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, or simply Mary Kom, is a little girl with a big heart and dreams as big as the world itself. Her biggest wish of all is to become an amateur boxer. She lives in a poor tribal family somewhere in the Churachandpur district of Manjalpur, India.  Her father wants her to behave like a girl and to stop fighting with urban boys. But her uncontrolled temper, energy and spirit bring her to a boxing coach, Narjit Singh, who sees in this young girl a potential to become one of the best Indian boxers. Mary Kom`s path to triumph may not be that long, but is still hard and full of challenges, and in the end her reward is to become a true legend, and a true inspiration for the entire country.

Mary Kom” is written by Saiwyn Qadras, and directed by Indian filmmaker Omung Kumar, who for Bollywood film lovers is mostly known for his work in Saaawariya (2007, “Black (2005) as an art director. And now, this very talented filmmaker brings us his directorial debut featured film “Mary Kom”, which I found to be shockingly entertaining, and full of drama in ‘Hollywood style’. Omung Kumar keeps us away from the typical Bollywood type films, and presents to us a world of boxing; with struggles and the countless victories of Mary Kom. The screenplay is written very simply, without complicating the entire life story of Mary Kom. He shows us how she started, the places she lived, and a man, Onler Kom, whom she met before she became a successful boxer, and national hero; who patiently waited for her to make her his wife, becoming her best friend, greatest supporter, and the father of their twins.


Priyanka Chopra is one of the leading actresses in Bollywood. And, according to IMDB, she has already appeared in over 44 films, and the list keeps growing. However, will all those films bring her the popularity and the worldwide recognition of “Mary Kom”? I sincerely doubt it. Because Priyanka Chopra, as Mary Kom, is superb and absolutely unbelievable. Her physical readiness for the film is stunning. She delivers quite an impressive performance, even though, by looking at her, we can hardly imagine her as Mary Kom. Her ability to transform herself from her regular look into an amateur boxer is something that will be attached with her resume, and will stay there as one of the finest roles she has ever played. But Priyanka Chopra is not the only star of the film. Darshan Kumaar, in my opinion is the main star of the film. He plays supportive, loving and caring husband of Mary Kom, who was there for her in her most difficult and desperate moments. He guides her from the darkness to the light so clearly and carefully, as if he knows exactly the way that will take her right up to the pedestal.

Mary Kom is a surprisingly excellent sports drama coming from Bollywood. This film is one of those rare films from India that will keep you on the edge of your seat; it`s truly so intriguingly amusing, entertaining and full of fun from the beginning till the end. And for those who have closely followed Mary Kom`s path, they will be especially delighted, because if you`re her fan, then this film will be sure to meet all your expectations. It is an absolute joy and pleasure to see someone who is loved and admired by one of the most beautiful countries in the World- India. And Mary Kom with her ambitions and childish desires is what makes her country watch and cheer for her; almost falling to its knees, to cry for every one of her victories, as if they were their own.

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