EUFF Interview: Simon Pribac talks about ‘Exit’


The Slovenian film Exit is played as a part of the European Union Film Festival in Toronto, in which all films are screened at the Royal Cinema. Exit is quite an interesting film about two best friends, who agree to help the other rob a bank. I had a chance to speak with Simon Pribac, who played Andrej in Exit, over the phone in Toronto. And here is what he had to tell me about the character he played.

 MMM: You play a character that tomorrow, if there is an opportunity to rob a bank; it seems Andrey would be there first.

 Simon Pribac: I don`t think so. Andrej is very quiet on the outside, but very wild on the inside. At the beginning it looks like his girlfriend a bit wild, but he is a bit quiet, and reserved. I think, in his personality, Andrej is always hiding that desire to do something really out there, and this is one of the opportunities that comes for him.

MMM: How did Peter and Andrej end up requesting the ministers to resign? Was it because they felt they would be in charge if they held hostages? Why did they turn everything into politics?

Simon Pribac: They were living through a time of crisis in Europe. It was not a typical bank robbery. So, they decided, -we will take what is ours, plus expenses, and it was dangerous. So their first motivation was to get back what was stolen from Peter. They also lived through the time of crisis on different levels. Because right now, Europe is facing political and moral crisis. It`s very engraved in them.. And when things escalate, they find they have the power to change things. They decide to jeopardize it.

MMM: “Exit” is your first film experience. How did you end up playing Andrej?

Simon Pribac: I studied acting at Ryerson University. And one day I was in Slovenia. . I was there doing an internship for a PR Agency, and all of a sudden, I got a a phone call to meet with the director and producer. And, all of a sudden, we started shooting. It was real.

MMM 4: You used to be a performer in the electronic music scene, under the stage name ‘Mc Flasher’. You were one of the co-organizers of Canada`s largest Latin festival- Salsa on St. Clair. And now, you`re an actor, and founder of the international organization ‘Final Flash’. Is there anything left you have not done?

Simon Pribac: I like art, organization and marketing. Those are the things I revolve around; whatever I do it is always touched upon by marketing, performance and organization.

MMM: In 2012, you gave a speech in Parliament, in Slovenia, on the subject of Diaspora, Youth and Opportunities. Can you talk about that?

Simon Pribac: There are so many opportunities out there, especially for the Slovenia community. They are not utilized to their full extent. There are many examples of opportunities out there that could be implemented. This would help the community on both sides of the ocean to develop and prosper.

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