Film Review: “The Scarehouse” (2014)

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Directed by: Gavin Michael Booth

Written by: Gavin Michael Booth and Sarah Booth

Starring: Sarah Booth, Kimberly-Sue Murray, Katherine Barrell, Jennifer Miller, Teagan Vincze, Emily Alatalo, Dani Barker, Ivana Stojanovic, Brad Everett, Jack Ettlinger

Horror films are one of those genre`s that not everyone can watch, but when you do you will see how the particularly ‘bad’ guys can go far beyond their imaginations to achieve their insanely crazy and brutal plans. Certainly, each of the characters has their own agenda and reason for doing such awful things. This is why Scarehouse looks interesting and is unlike many other horror films. Gavin Michael Booth, a Canadian filmmaker, who wrote and directed this film, shows us how two bad guys, but in this case, two ‘bad women’, are seeking revenge by hunting down their former sorority sisters in a fun house during Halloween.

Corey and Elaina (Sarah Booth, who was also the co-writer of this film, along with her husband, and director Gavin Michael Booth) have been recently released from prison in the opening scene. Instead of turning the page and starting their lives from scratch, these two unfortunate friends conspire a plan; to be more clear, they open a Halloween fun house on Devil`s Night, which is an elaborate party for their former sorority sisters. In this out-of-control night, the two friends invite their former ‘sisters’ to the party, one by one, to make them pay for the two years they spent behind bars.

Scarehouse is a SAW-type film, where torture, humiliation, and brutal, unspeakable murder is part of a sick plan conceived by two friends who enjoy every moment of it. The film is set in a dark tone, and a completely terrifying atmosphere. The film shows how women can be extremely unforgiving and worse than any criminal you may have seen or heard of on TV. This is an award winning film which stands out from its predecessors, with an interesting story, and scenes which are not meant for the faint-hearted.

By the middle of the film, we become more familiar with the entire plot, and of course, the reason why Elaine (Booth) and Corey (Murray) have turned out to be heartless, cold-blooded torturers, and moreover, how unstoppable they both are. Booth makes his film female oriented, with a minimal appearance by male characters, which is unusual for a horror film, but certainly will be appreciated, mostly by male members of the audience. Even though some scenes shown in SCAREHOUSE are almost unwatchable, and the characters are not well developed, Booth`s film is still a lot of fun to watch, but only for those who really love watching this type of film.

THE SCAREHOUSE is a full 83 minutes of suspense and unstoppable screams from the victims which is truly entertaining for indie horror lovers. Although certainly unusual for a modern horror film, it`s not one of the best. Despite all the darkness, blood, and screams that are in this film, it still does not explain why these two girls decide to punish their former sorority sisters for the death of a young man, since these two were the one who ended his life. Nevertheless, the twisted ending of the film leaves a little hope that all those missing details and gaps will unfold in a sequel, if there are any planned.


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