Film Review: “The Best Of Me” (2014)



What is meant to be always finds a way to happen. And, this can happen even after one year, or twenty one years. The heroes of the novel, written by Nicholas Sparks, try to find their way to happiness, or at least try not to miss a single sign of anything important that may lead them to their long-awaited happiness. And Nicholas Sparks once again proves, with his hero, that nothing lasts forever, except true love will share the best of him, so that he can be where he was meant to be – with someone he has always loved.

Young Amanda (Liana Liberato) and Dawson (Luke Bracey) belong in two different worlds. She is from a very successful and wealthy family, while he lives with a father, who has no qualms about creating another unsuccessful and pathetic version of himself in his son, Dawson. But once Amanda and Dawson meet, they fall in love with each other. However, unfortunate events separate the two for twenty one years, just to bring them back to the place where their romance began. But now that they are gown up, will Amanda and Dawson fight through time to finally be together, or are they are just destined to live with the past feelings; with no future?

The Best Of Me begins with an older Dawson (James Marsden, Bella Mafia, X-Men) who fortunately survives after a big explosion during the opening scene. While doctors are questioning themselves about how Dawson could have actually survived after what happened to him on the platform, he also questions this and believes that there must be something important in store for him, and this is why he is still alive. Amanda (Michelle Monaghan, Source Code, Mission Impossible III) is a lawyer, but unhappily married. And then, a flashback brings us back to twenty one years earlier, where we see how Amanda and Dawson met each other.


With all the flashbacks, we go back and forth to understand better why these two were separated from each other, and the event that brings them back to the same place after so many years. Even when we get to the middle of the film, we are still interested to see what else will happen, as the story of these two is told so beautifully, and in a very touching way. Even though the predictability does not disappoint us, because of the plot and storyline you will find yourself fully absorbed by this film. And why should it not, since Sparks’s novel is being adapted  onto the big screen by Michael Hoffman, who has directed such films as One Fine Day(1996) with Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney, and A Midsummer Night`s Dream (1999), with again, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kevin Kline and Rupert Everett.

Michael Hoffman seems to have read all of Sparks’s novels, or has seen the films that were adapted onto the big screen, because what we see in The Best Of Me is another stunningly, well told, story of two lovers, who may or may not be destined to be together. But, if you`re familiar with Nicholas Sparks`s novels, then you know about the melodramatic, sentimental stories he usually writes. This is why it is so important to bring the best cast to portray Sparks’s characters the way they were written in the book. And I must admit, I could not have imagined a better duo than Marsden – Monaghan, or Bracey – Liberato who are just meant to play their roles. By looking at their performances, the audience really believes in their feelings, their love, and even the struggles they have on their way to be where they always wanted to be.

The Best Of Me is one of the best films I`ve seen a while. It is almost as great as A Walk To Remember, Message in a Bottle, or The Notebook, with one little detail – they are all are written by the same person – Nicolas Sparks. This film delivers absolutely everything you can expect from Hoffman films, or Sparks’s novels. The entire cast does a magnificent job, by being in love the entire film, which is not easy to do. The Best Of Me delivers another important message we all must to know – If you`re looking for someone, or missing the one you love, don`t go far, but rather look for him, or her, in your heart, because this is where he or she will leave the best of what they have to give – their heart!

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