Film Review: “Copenhagen” (2014)


After weeks of travelling through Europe, the immature William finds himself at a crossroads in Copenhagen. But Copenhagen is not just another European city, it is also the birthplace of his father. William decides to find his grandfather, who supposedly lives somewhere in Copenhagen. He even has the address for him, but getting there is not easy for someone who does not know the city well. This is how he befriends the youthful Effy, and they set off on an adventure to find his family member… But during their journey, they will find something bigger than they expected, which will leave both of them asking – what next?

The film begins with William (Gethin Anthony, THE GAME OF THRONES), a twenty-eight year old man, who is enjoying his time in Europe, dating a different woman every day. He is introduced to the viewer as flighty; an adventure seeker, with neither the desire to grow up nor the need to take responsibility for his actions. We also see how he uses sensitive language when there is no need for it. But that`s William, who we are staring at for the first twenty minutes of the film. But, all that changes, when his path crosses with Effy, a youthful, beautiful, smart girl, whose age we can`t really tell, until the moment she confesses.

Copenhagen is one of those films where character is studied in quite a controversial way, but this is a good thing.  As the film progresses, William slowly changes his impossible character towards Effy, who tries to be nothing but helpful. During their journey, we see how both characters’ feelings change, and more importantly, the remarkable change in William. His rude, disrespectful and indifferent attitude towards women changes very fast and if we somewhat dislike William in the beginning, by the middle of the film he gains the audience`s sympathy and respect. And, when the moment comes when William finally realizes that he is experiencing certain feelings for Effy- feelings which he has never experienced before, he finds out that the girl of his dreams is half his age. And this is one of the beautiful parts of the film; to see how both William and Effy handle this sensitive situation in such a touching and beautiful way.

Copenhagen is written and directed by young filmmaker, Mark Raso, who truly knows how to handle such a controversial project as this film. With the camera of Alan Poon, Copenhagen is captured with enormous attention to detail, so that we see Copenhagen as if we were actually there. Raso did a tremendous job telling this beautiful story in such a careful way, such that no one could ever blame him for anything. This would have been almost impossible without the solid performances of both actors, Gethin Anthony and Frederikke Dahl Hansen, who was at her best. Seeing the performance of this young and extremely talented actress makes the viewers want to follow her career, and look forward to her next project.

In conclusion, Mark Raso`s Copenhagen is not just about finding someone who lives in Europe, but rather something more important – finding yourself.  In this film we see how one person is capable of changing, even though for us it looks like an impossible task. Copenhagen shows that the realization of who you are is the key to finding yourself and understanding that you can be better than you are. And, when someone like Effy, an innocent, kind, and a little naive, girl appears before the eyes of William, we see that sometimes a little help is all we need to make our life a little better.

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