Film Review: “The Interview” (2014)


There is so much drama surrounding Sony’s “The Interview” that want it or not, it creates a curiosity about this film; where the anticipation of seeing this film grows every minute. Even though somewhere in my heart I knew that this film might not be worth seeing at all, I still gave it a shot just to see how bad, or how good,  Rogen/Goldberg`s film might be.  Especially after the North Korean hackers broke into Sony’s server… but, after seeing The Interview, I felt very bad for all those who were involved in making this film,  as this film is a good example of, If I could be so blunt as to say, a  full on disaster that destroys the comedy genre in every way possible.

Dave Skylark (James Franco) who has a great desire to prove to the entire world that he is capable of taking serious interviews asks his friend, Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen), to arrange an interview with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. But, when Kim Jong-un agrees to meet up with Skylark, on his own terms, with his own questions, the CIA asks Dave and Rob to eliminate the leader while they are in North Korea. Everything turns upside down when Dave begins to see Kim as a friend and the kind of person who deserves nothing more but to live a long life as a leader whose is admired by twenty four millions people- who see him as a God.

The Interview begins with Dave Skylark  interviewing Eminem, who, while during their live conversation, comes out as a gay. But, once the interview finishes, Rapoport realizes that he has lost interest in the show and that the news and conversations he presents are not what he wants to work on.  This is when Skylark (James Franco) comes up with the brilliant idea to interview Kim Jong-un after he finds out that his show is one of Jong-un`s (Randall Park) favorites. Once the friends get the approval from North Korea, the CIA comes into the picture and tries to turn their trip to Pyongyang into an assassination mission.

The absurdness of their situation gets worse near the middle of the film, which unfortunately is full of sensitive language, unintellectual dialogue, and an uninspiring plot, with unconvincing performances delivered by the two leading actors, Seth Rogen and James Franco, who once again team up after their other huge failure- This is the End.   Rogen`s other creation with Evan Goldberg,This is the End, was also a failure, and made me leave the auditorium to request refund.

In conclusion, The Interview created so a lot of noise a nd made people want to rent or buy the film online just to see it and It truly had the potential to be an absolutely unique story, and enough of a budget to make it a hilarious film where we all would have laughed non-stop throughout. But, unfortunately, it flopped miserably.  If you`re a fan of This is the End you probably will enjoy The Interview, otherwise, there is nothing to lose If you miss seeing this film.

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    1. Я только ради спортивного интереса посмотрела этот фильм…. таких еще интеллектуально неразвитых людей в жизни еще не встречала. Не фильм, а полный кошмар!

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