TV Show Review: “12 Monkeys” Pilot Episode (2014 – )


It always true that only human are capable of destroying mankind, nothing else. Even though you try to prevent the past from creating a catastrophic future, fate will always come after those who try to stop the unstoppable. 2043. Nearly seven billion people are destroyed due to the plague. Scientists send a man (James Cole) back to 2015 to stop the plague from ever happening. Cole`s only hope is a virologist, Dr. Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull), who knows how to connect him to a man who starts the dreadful virus. But when they get close to completing their mission, they begin to understand that it won`t be that easy to stop what is destined to happen…

12 Monkeys begins with James Cole (Aaron Stanford) in 2043, who hopelessly walks on empty streets. Then we see him holding a watch, explaining how he promises that he will be meeting soon with the owner of the watch he holds in his hand. We soon see that that owner is Dr. Cassandra Railly, who is already in trouble because of Cole`s unsuccessful time travel to 2013, where it cost Cassandra her job and reputation. In a flashback, we learn that the plague was spread by a mysterious man, Leland Goines (Zeljko Ivanek), whose virus  wipes out most of humanity.

The plot of 12 Monkeys develops rapidly, not allowing the audience to get bored. Since we have three different timelines in one episode, it permits the writers to fill the gaps so that Cassandra can get to know Cole, and no longer consider him an insane man. It also does not take much time for Cole to convince Dr. Railly about the future and she quickly teams up with him to find Leland and eliminate him. The twist will come in the end, when we least expect it.

12 Monkeys is based on the motion picture with the same name, and I must admit, looks very impressive. If you have seen Fringe, then you`ll probably enjoy this new series, and seeing the first episode, I believe it looks promising. But to see how far 12 Monkeys will go, I will need to give it another shot. If the story, performance, and the atmosphere of the first episode remains the same as it is in the next episode, then it certainly has a chance to survive in such demanding times, where it`s  very hard to satisfy the viewers  needs.

In conclusion, the pilot episode of 12 Monkeys is gripping, smart, and quite convincing in terms of performance. It looks competitive and strong enough to make the audience look forward to new episodes. This will be made possible if the writers keep their imaginations alive and don’t destroy the first impression that is left after seeing the pilot episode.

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