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Film Review: “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” (2015)


Life never ends; it might stop for someone today, but continue for someone else tomorrow. And when senior people encounter this dilemma, they better than anyone know how to enjoy their life, even though they don’t have much left.  And if these people had the chance, they would certainly pick only one place to spend the rest of their life – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, where lonely, heartbroken, tired people go- not to get ready to die, but to find their new soulmate – and this does not necessarily have to be a human being, but could be something more; more than a human being could give – hope, a color, a fast heartbeat. The things that only India can give- The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with its exotic ways, charm, and positive energy. If it happens that you plan to travel somewhere, do not go far; go to your nearest movie theater, get your ticket, and enjoy your trip, for less money.

It`s very hard to put into writing the synopsis for this incredibly charming, heartwarming, and absolutely majestic film- The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. In the second part of the film, Sonny pursues his expansionistic dream of opening a second hotel. But this dream is not one which can easily come true.  Does it really matter though, when Sonny has someone like Muriel (Maggie Smith) by his side; someone who will always be there to support, to cheer him on, and to cry with him, as she, and no one else, holds the real secret of life and to happiness…

The best thing about The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is it has nothing that would bore the audience. It`s pure perfection, from the beginning till the end. It is smart, funny, heartwarming, and makes you forget about the chilly, cold spring, which in some parts of the world has not arrived yet. And, more importantly, it allows us not only to enjoy the performance of the entire cast, beautiful music, and story, but also, its old-fashioned, wise, and life teaching dialogue in every single scene. The opening scene is grand, and hilarious. As soon as you jump into the film, you have no way to escape the smart, elderly people, who are about to begin the best part of their lives…

Maggie Smith plays character who decides to move to her beloved hotel to work. In this film, she looks tremendous, like an engine for a car, which would not start without it. She is the reason for everything, and everything happens around her.  Smith`s character knows absolutely all the secrets, and understands, and keeps them locked in her heart. Judy Dench`s, Evelyn, is a very kind, talented woman, who at 79 years old still dreams of love, and being loved. At some point, we find her thinking of taking extra time to consider how to approach a man she is in love with- Douglas (Bill Nighy). Soon after, though, with the help of her friend, she realizes that she does not have much time left and does not wait another minute for the love of her life…

Bill Nighy, plays Douglas, a man who hides his seemingly ‘empty’ mind from the others. But when we pay more attention to his character, we understand that there is no better, caring and loving person than him, and he would certainly be an excellent match for Evelyn. Richard Gere plays an eccentric writer, who travels all the way from the United States to India to write his own book, the story of his life, where he unexpectedly finds his love. Dev Patel is as funny, sentimental and real as usual. It’s an absolute delight to see him how well and how confidently he handles the entire film, where every single actor cast is tremendous and experienced.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel will rekindle your faith in human nature, and gives much more than you would expect. It clearly shows how little we expect from a life that is capable of giving us so much more. It`s extremely well done, warm, uplifting, emotional, pure, and full of hope- things that we all so desperately need. This film prepares us for a journey to a country that is full of undiscovered beauty; with unique British humor and dialogue that you will certainly want to watch over again. And, in the end, when the film finishes, don`t be surprised to find yourself thinking of watching this film again. After all, isn`t it The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?

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