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Film Review: “Tracers” (2015)


After seeing such films like the Twilight series, like it or not, it`s quite difficult to take any of the actors seriously that appeared in the film. However, I recently discovered that Kristen Stewart is a better actor than I thought she was. An example is- Clouds of Sills Maria, where she shared the screen with Juliette Binoche. Expecting the same result from Taylor Lautner, who is in Tracers, is probably unfair to this young actor. He did impress me with his physicality and readiness in this, seemingly, easy role. And this is more than enough for me to look forward to his new project, but, only as an action actor.

Cam (Taylor Lautner, TWILIGHT series), is a bike messenger, who owes money to the Chinese mafia, and can’t earn enough to pay off his debts. After having a small accident, he crosses paths with a beautiful stranger, Nikki (Marie Avgeropoulos).  Cam follows after her, and soon finds himself in an unfamiliar world – the world of parkour. When the mafia comes after him demanding their money, Cam asks his new friends to allow him to work with them, and to do whatever they do… because he urgently needs money, and also wants to be close to Nikki…

Tracers is quite an entertaining film in terms of action. But, saying that, there is not much shooting, or flying cars, but rather a lot of physical work delivered by the entire cast, and because of this, this film should not be missed. The opening scene begins with its hero, Cam, who is on duty delivering another package, when a stranger falls from the skies right into his arms. One look is enough for them to become interested in each other, however, the acquaintance of Cam and Nikki is short-lived, and seconds later she leaves him alone, stunned, and with a broken bike.

The predictability of the plot begins right after this scene, where the audience is left without any hints that would require any guesswork at all to figure out the rest of the story. Despite this, Tracers does not lose its meaning, and keeps the maybe ‘bit disappointed’ viewer watching the beautiful and extremely dangerous Parkour, which requires physical strength and flexibility. This is probably the most astounding part of the film; Lautner, along with the entire cast, does a tremendous job performing difficult stunts, while they have to trace each other, or run away from armed men.  Marie Avgeropoulos, who can be seen in teenage Sci-Fi drama, The 100, is quite remarkable.

Unfortunately, besides the dizzying stunts, Tracers has nothing else to offer its viewers. The story does not have depth and is almost about nothing. But somehow, it manages to not bottom out and keeps the film at a certain level; not going forward or backwards. For those, who are fans of District 13, you will certainly enjoy Daniel Benmayor`s translation of parkour onto the big screen.


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  1. I’ve never been much of a Twilight fan, but out of the three main actors, Taylor Lautner is definitely the worst. Robert Pattinson has been slowly redeeming himself through better movies like Water For Elephants and Cosmopolis, and Kristin Stewart has had a few decent roles. I thought she was pretty good in Panic Room despite the problems with the script (I found it to be one of those films that has a really good buildup leading to an underwhelming payoff).

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