Film Review: “Loitering with Intent” (2014)


Having fresh and bright ideas are necessary things to move forward in your career, if you`re, for instance, a writer – a screen writer. What if you don’t have any, but convince a top producer that there is one script that everyone wants to get their hands on. Like it or not, Dominic and Raphael have only ten days to complete their script and… they have no idea what it will be about.  In order to refresh their minds they look for a serene place, so the friends travel to the country, where they find a big distraction in the form of Dominic`s sister, Gigi and her seductive friend, Ava. But will the two find a way to escape the madness they face during their trip? The craziness ensues when Gigi`s ex-boyfriend does not like his current status…

Some viewers may find a hundred reasons not to see Loitering with Intent, even though it has two strong key elements, which make this film an absolute must see – Marisa Tomei and Sam Rockwell. The teaming of Tomei and Rockwell will be appreciated by the dedicated movie goer. Since Raphael (Ivan Martin) and Dominic (Michael Godere) have only ten days to complete their impossible mission, the viewer will be left following these two friends to see how far they will go in using their imaginations to achieve their goal.

Unfortunately, Godere/Martin, who wrote the script for the film, misses the main point, which could have made for a much more interesting outcome. We see Dominic and Raphael, who are anxious to complete their script, when, in reality, we don`t see them working very much to come up with a brilliant idea to meet the deadline. But luckily, everything changes when Gigi (Maria Tomei) comes onto the scene; a complete drunk. This scene is an absolute feast for the eyes. Tomei nails it with simplicity, originality, and in a very natural way. This is when the film takes a different direction, not one the two friends counted on, as they get busy dealing with new problems, problems they could not have forseen.

Sam Rockwell, along with Tomei, steal every scene they are in, turning this film into something bigger than was written in the script. This is why the sometimes boring, and uninspiring plot becomes invisible with the tandem performance of Tomei/Rockwell. Loitering with Intent is not a bad film at all, and can be watched at least once, and maybe even a few times more if you enjoy seeing the classic performance delivered by Tomei. This is something I am certain, you do not want to miss.

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