Documentary Review: Werner Herzog`s “From One Second to the Next” (2013) ☆☆☆☆☆



It takes only one second to change someone`s life. But it will take a whole life to regret about it. And in the end, you will keep asking yourself, why did not you wait another second, to pull over the car to reply to someone`s text message.  A future that is shattered for a little boy; a family is killed in a car accident; the full life of a successful career woman ends within a second; a father loses his life – all these tragic events are caused by people who text while they`re driving.

From One Second to the Next is one of those documentary films that is difficult to watch, or at least, to watch without tears. It`s stories of serious traffic accidents caused by the selfishness of those who text while they`re behind the wheel. In Werner Herzog`s documentary film, all these terrifying stories are told by the perpetrators and surviving victims.

This doc film can be used as a bible, or as an example for those who have just started driving. It`s heartbreaking to see the first part of the story, when a single mother must take care of her son, Xzavier, who will never have a normal life again, because of someone who was too busy looking at his phone and not paying attention, hits her little boy. By the time the driver realizes he is there, it was more than enough to ruin the entire promising future of a boy, who could have been anyone he wished to be.  It is also heartbreaking to see how Xzavier`s sister shares her story of how, within a second, she noticed that she was no longer holding her brother`s hand.  All this because of a car, who takes her brother away, not only from her, but from his future as well, leaving him forever disabled….


Herzog`s From One Second to the Next spends 35 minutes telling four separate stories from people who share with the audience the aftermath of tragic accidents. It also shows us that those who cause the accident are also the victim – the victim of their weakness and inability to think clearly, as their desire to text while they drive was much stronger than paying attention to the road so as not to kill anyone. The perpetrators also asks drivers to be focused while they drive, because a wrong decision can cause someone`s life. And that is certainly one of the hardest things to live with…

From One Second to the Next should be a mandatory documentary film to be watched by anyone who has a driver licence, or by anyone who carries a cell phone. After seeing this documentary film, I am certain that anyone who texts and drives will stop doing this – because this film clearly shows examples of all the tragic accidents that could have been avoided but were not because of poor decisions… and let`s hope one day, and maybe starting today, we will have less people who text and drive – because it`s simply not worth it…

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