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TIFF Kids Film Festival Review: “Rainbow” (Dhanak) (2015) ★★★★★


What is more important, to see with your eyes, or with your heart? Rainbow (Original title, Dhankak) is one of those films that is like a beautiful dream that you never want to wake up from. Pari and Chotu share an incredible connection with each other. Chotu, is the younger brother of Pari, who happens to be a blind. His elder sister promises him that he will get his eyesight back before he turns 9. In one of her trips to the neighboring village, Pari sees a poster of Sharukh Khan appealing to people to donate their eyes. The little girl makes it her mission to travel over 300 km to find her hero, who she believes will help her fulfill her promise to her brother. But will she be able to achieve her goal? How far a little can, and incredibly caring sister, go to make her brother see the Rainbow again? On their way there she must be the eyes for her brother, to guide him through their incredible, beautiful, and breathtaking journey, which you wish would never end.

Dhanak is an indian film which is made with a pure heart, and a strong belief that we, and our children, must always believe in miracles. Chotu and Pari lose their parents in a car accident, which also tales the lives of 25 other people. Now they are being raised by their aunt and uncle. Despite their ages, they are both brilliant and wise. Seeing how they care about each other, and taking a risk to follow their dream, is something even adults can learn from. When the film begins, It immediately draws the audience’s attention with it`s beautiful and childish idea of how wonderful the world can be.


Credit: Courtesy of TIFF

As a person who frequently watches Bollywood films, Rainbow, or Dhanak is unlike any of those films you may have seen. It has no drama or unnecessary fighting scenes. It concentrates on a story of two children and their journey to a city where they believe they will find a cure. It`s amazing how these two wonderful kids make so many friends while they travel from one place to another. Their innocence, open and beautiful hearts make the audience applaud them throughout the film. Whatever these two kids do is always cute, charming and unforgettable.

Dhanak is a suitable film for all ages and is family oriented. Because of its uniqueness, Rainbow has been chosen to be shown during THE 18th ANNUAL TIFF KIDS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Toronto. Rainbow has the power to make anyone believe that anything is possible, and not because of magic, luck or good timing, but will happen only if we are surrounded by kind-hearted people who are willing to help each other unconditionally.

Find below screening details or go to TIFF.Net for full schedule and details.

Country: India
Language: Hindi
Premiere Status: North American Premiere
Rating: PG
Runtime: 103 minutes
Year: 2015
Ages: 9 to 12
Grades: 5 to 7
Director(s): Nagesh Kukunoor

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