Cinéfranco Review: “Party Girl” (2014) ★★★★★


Some people start living their life to the fullest a bit early; some start late; but there are some that take the fun part of their life so seriously that they no longer know how else to live. Angélique is a middle-aged woman who has worked in a cabaret as a dancer the best part of her life. All she does is dance all night and tries to be nice to the clients so they will keep buying drinks, but not for her. However, she also likes to get drunk, so drunk that she must be escorted to her house just to ensure she will make it there safe.  One day, one of her favorite clients proposes to her, and she, surprisingly, agrees. But can you imagine what happens when the free bird is locked in a cage?

Party Girl is an interesting name for the film and may be interpreted in so many ways. It indeed sounds loud, attractive, and of course, like an adventure. These would all be good things if the person who wishes to remain a Party Girl is not a middle-aged woman; a woman who starts to re-evaluate her life and makes a life-changing decision – to get married. The point of the film is not about how you should stop having fun and start thinking of yourself, but it`s about habits, life-style, friends, culture, and the vision of a woman like Angélique, who has a strong character and her own values with no desire to change.

The film begins with beautiful background music where we find Angélique chatting with her friends in a cabaret, dancing, and making acquaintances with the clients.  But that day, was one of those days, when our heroine starts to look around, observing, and analyzing the situation, and maybe starts to ask herself- ‘Is this the life she has wanted?’ This is when she pays a visit to her beloved client, who stops going to the cabaret because of his feelings for Angélique. When she comes to his house, he realizes that this is the moment he must make a decision to change both of their lives – mostly changing hers.

The events in Party Girl happen exactly the way a mature audience would expect. Angélique moves into Michel`s house, and lives happily for a while, until the moment when he starts to re-educate an already educated person. And as you may predict, it`s dangerous attempt that has unexpected consequences. What I like most in Marie Amachoukeli-Barsacq`s film is the way it`s actually filmed. It`s so realistic, raw, and almost taken from real life itself. It`s an extremely clever film for the audience that likes to see only real stories that occur with normal people, where the landscape used is the life of a woman who knows better than anyone else how she wants to live her life.

In conclusion, Party Girl is an excellent, mind-blowing film in terms of feelings, making decisions, and of course, finding a piece with of yourself, where only you where is the center of your emotion, and mind, that will be able to control it know how to control your emotions and mindset. It`s a beautiful, touching, and smart story about a grown-up woman, who now wants, and must have, the life only she wants and not what the others dictate. But what kind of path will this independent, free bird, will chose choose when the time comes? If you`re so eager to find out, and it happens that you`re in Toronto, make your way to BLOOR HOT DOCS CINEMA, on April 12th, at 2 PM, to see it with your own eyes.


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