Film Review: “Last Knights” (2015)


Lord Bartok is betrayed by Gezza Mott and is going to be beheaded. When he can no longer stand the injustice and betrayal of his master, Raiden declares war on the person who slandered him; a man for whom he was ready to die.  It will take time before the last knights rise against evil, but when it happens, only those who are not guilty must not fear their anger…

Last Knights is set in medieval times, but does not refer to an exact period that we may have known. However, when the film begins, the narrating voice of Morgan Freeman refers to a long and dark period of time, where a soldier rose from a battle, to follow an unbreakable code. He must possess a noble heart, have the right conduct, and be a knight who has absolute devotion to his master. This is where we find Raiden (Clive Owen), and Lord Bartok (Morgan Freeman), who wishes his dearest and most loyal knight to inherit his power.

Having a multicultural cast from all over the world does not save Kazuaki Kiriya’s film from an unintentional fall, as the film itself loses its point sometime in the middle. The experienced and great Morgan Freeman, or Clive Owen`s appearance, mostly looks like a waste of their talent, as they for sure were capable of delivering more than was written in the script. When we find Lord Bartok beheaded by his ‘sword’, Raiden spends another year grieving, drinking, and trying forget his master`s last order.

This film also fails to deliver the depth of the story and spends almost 40 minutes of running time to develop the crucial part of the film, which could have been done much earlier. Even though the film contains action scenes, these are not enough to justify its long running time. But this does not mean that Kiriya`s film is unwatchable. It certainly has something to give the audience, but only for a short time, and will be forgotten soon after the films ends.

But what will be remembered is Morgan Freeman`s long, and beautifully crafted, speech, where everyone just stands and listens. Saying that, Last Knight is not that bad of a film if it would not have unnecessarily aimed so high. However, in order to form your own opinion, there is a chance to see LAST KNIGHTS in Toronto at Carlton, or Canada wide.

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