Hot Docs 2015: Love Between the Covers (2015) ★★★★


Did you know that a little desire, a bit of talent, and a passion for writing can take you much further than you could have ever expected from yourself? Did you ever think that you could transform yourself from a dedicated reader of novels, into an author one?  Perhaps, the only thing that would stop you from writing your own piece of art are the critics, who after reading the first page of your book call it ‘rubbish’. This is why before you even get there, think about what you care about most – holding a copy of your first book in your hand, or reading a negative review from someone who did not even bother to appreciate the story you tried to tell? Love Between the Covers is a highly educational, inspiring, and profound documentary film about those who love, were loved and probably, will always be loved, between the covers, for one simple reason –  that feeling of pride to not just be part of the plot of your favorite book, but to be the one who creates it.

There is nothing better than to see your favorite authors all in one film, sharing their experiences of how they started writing, and about their excitement the first time they ever had a book published. For three years, Laurie Kahn shoots her film following the lives of famous published authors, who talk about their passion for writing, discovering new characters, or about how they cope with loss while the book is still in progress. It also reveals the life experience of an unpublished newbie who took a different direction in order to build her own business. And it all happens at the romance novel community, where famous writers supports newbie to write their own book.

It is also fascinating to learn about how all these famous writers have to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing environment in order to stay competitive. It is very interesting to hear the stories of each of these heroes, who make you believe in yourself, that maybe one day you can be the one who will write your own book.  It seems Laurie Kahn`s mission was to show the viewer that literature, words, and imagination gives you a sense of freedom that can take you anywhere you want – all you need is to trigger it. The way she filmed her picture is quite engaging and informative. All the stories are entertaining, some are sad, while some of them having a happy ending, just the way it may be written in a book.

I am certain for those of you who are interested in the ‘behind the curtain world’ of writers, and those of you who would like to get to know them better, Love Between the Covers is the perfect choice. It has everything to be informative, but also make you want to take ink and paper and start writing something that may interest not just ten, but maybe millions of readers as well. So, if you have not started yet, then you must see Love Between the Covers, virtually join to the writers community to inspire you to become the next Jane Austin, or Dostoyevsky…. perhaps?

Screening Information

TIFF Bell Lightbox 1 – April 26 – 1 p.m.
Fox Theatre – May 1 – 9:30 p.m.


Talent Attending

Director Laurie Kahn

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