Hot Docs 2015: Jesus Town, USA (2015)


Imagine, you enter a city. A small one. There is nothing remarkable about this old city… except one thing… – their people. In this hilarious documentary film, directed by Billie Mintz and Julian Pinder, you will find out what it takes to be lost in time. Oklahoma City may have nothing fascinating that might interest tourists, but it does have something more magical and unbelievable, that not many cities in the U.S. can boast of – Messiah or Jesus Christ. Welcome to Jesus Town, where you will meet the kind-hearted and harmless people who live and breathe in the name of Jesus Christ.

Before you start watching Jesus Town, USA, I would highly recommend that you put your own beliefs and your own religion aside, and just enjoy this, without a doubt, adorable film. In this town everyone plays their own role, to contribute in the construction of Jerusalem. They rehearse whenever they get a chance. And now, the people of this town must choose it’s Jesus Christ. But how do they find someone who will look like Messiah? Actually they have nothing to worry about, they have someone who is willing to dedicate his time in the name of his religion, beliefs, and Jesus Christ – Zak. However, when the citizens of the city pick their candidate to play Jesus Christ, they have no idea that he is not a Christian, not even close…

When Zack reveals that he is Buddhist, the city is confused, thinking, how does one who does not believe in the existence of God, play God? Well, in Mintz/Pinder’s film you will find out something more than you would have expected from our large society, and this would be tolerance. Jesus Town, USA is quite funny film where you watch people attempt to disappear in time, to take them back to Jesus Christ’s timeline. There is something cute about this story, and not because of the religious part, but because we can watch how people actually behave, how they may talk like naive children, and are actually harmless.

There is many ways you may watch Jesus Town, USA; judging because of your own beliefs, or accepting it as an art form from people, who are not trying to recreate the violent scenes from Wes Craven`s ‘SCREAM’, but rather an innocent attempt to bring to light their uneventful days, to make their belief in Jesus Christ even stronger.

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