Film Review: “Beyond the Reach” (2014)


Can the cat play the hunting game in a mouse’s territory? In Beyond the Reach, directed by Jean-Baptiste Léonetti, and with the cast of Michael Douglas and Jeremy Irvine, a game we all know well will be refreshed and set in the Mojave Desert, where one man will learn a simple rule of hunting – never go beyond the reach if you`re not ready to face the consequences.

Ben (Jeremy Irvine) is made an offer by a local sheriff as the best candidate to guide Madec (Michael Douglas) to go beyond the reach in the Mojave Desert. A corporate shark seemingly has planned everything well; having one unique car that is equipped with all the essentials needed and he is on his way to conquer the local desert, and to find his target. A well begun trip turns out to be a nightmare for our hero, Ben, when Madec tries to frame Ben in the accidental murder of a man whom Ben knew very well.

When Ben disagrees to support the wealthy man`s theory of how the entire accident occurred, and rejects his generous offer to build his future and shine bright, Madec leaves Ben alone in the Desert under his watch to ensure that Ben will die from the hellish heat before he can make it back to town. Despite the well-calculated plan, it is not a success. Maden forgets that Ben was born and raised in the Desert, and knows better than anyone else how to survive there.

Jean-Baptiste Léonetti has directed a very interesting and impressive psychological thriller, where he brings a cat-and-mouse game to a whole different level. Having Michael Douglas as the main bad guy is probably was one of the best choices he could have made, and there is no one else who could have managed this type of role better than him. Jeremy Irvine delivers a solid performance as Ben, who looks desperate, fragile, but not broken, despite the madness Madec puts him in.

Beyond The Reach is a well-crafted film that manages to keep the audience wondering who will give up first, Madec or Ben. Right from the beginning its filmmaker makes sure that it won`t look like just another generic Hollywood film, and spices it up with bit of a slow start which leaves the viewer feeling anxious, which is absolutely a good sign for this type of film. The viewer may at times feel bored, since we don’t see the two heroes develop throughout the film, but this is definitely required for Beyond The Reach to emphasize the loneliness, and the helpless situation Ben is in with the extremely hot conditions, and with no water.

In conclusion, Beyond The Reach won`t leave you disappointed. All of the Douglas/Irvine fans will find their solid performances top level and more than enough to keep the audience entertained. This film delivers exactly what is expected from the viewer, nothing more, and nothing less. It`s a very well-made, and watchable for anyone who likes cat-and-mouse-type-of-films.

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