Film Review: “The Forger” (2014)


When imprisoned, single parent, Raymond J. Cutter finds out about his 15-years old son`s cancer, and that he only has a few months to live, he does what he thinks he must do. After being released, Raymond understands that the price of being released was much higher than he could have imagined. But does this really matter, when he gets a chance to spend time with his son, at the final stage of his cancer.

The Forger, directed by Philip Martin, begins with Raymond behind bars, where he tries to negotiate with his lawyers to be freed from prison as soon as possible. And, when our hero finds it impossible, he contacts Keegan (Anson Mount) to ask for help. Soon we find Raymond at home, where he meets with his father, after four years, Joseph (Christopher Plummer) and his terminal ill son, Will (Tye Sheridan. He promises that he will do everything possible to make his last three dreams come true.

As the film progresses, we find out that Raymond requires a copy of Monet`s Woman with Parasol, otherwise, he will be sent back to prison, or even worse, be killed. Left hopeless and desperate, and while the police attempt to investigate the reason behind Raymond’s release from prison so early, our hero, (Travolta), has to forge Monet`s painting and replace it with the original within three weeks. Even though the mission seems extremely risky for everyone involved, Raymond has no other choice but to complete it; if he does not, his son will die alone.

The Forger is a bit sentimental, an easy-going film with a solid performance by Travolta, Plummer and Sheridan, who have to team up to achieve one main goal. Martin manages to not allow unnecessary scenes to overload the simple plot. Travolta`s Raymond does not look like a ‘superman father’ who can fight against twenty men, but rather a normal person, with feelings of pain in an impossible situation, where he handles it the way his character would. Plummer`s appearance in any film is a joy for our eyes. We will have the opportunity to enjoy his work as long as Plummer will allow.

In conclusion, The Forger is a surprisingly interesting, and moving film, about a father who will do anything possible to be with his son. The entire film is quite watchable and does not allow the viewer to become bored. The cast does the minimum job to make The Forger worth watching. And after all, I don`t see a reason not to see this film.

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