Film Review: “Preggoland” (2014)


When your life is going nowhere, and your days have become more uneventful that you could have imagined – you do what you can to change it. Ruth (Sonja Bennett) spends her days with her friends, who are married, having babies, or pregnant. Not knowing how else to fit in, Ruth comes up with a plan to tell them that she is also expecting a baby with her very handsome doctor. As soon as everyone becomes excited about this news, Ruth – using her imagination and with the help of her co-worker (Danny Trejo) decide to make her pregnancy look real. But what else she could do when she is not really expecting, but the rest of the world thinks otherwise?

Preggoland is an hysterical movie about how one woman tries to create something new in her life without even really trying. When she sees that her friends are living their lives to the fullest – as parents, Ruth feels a bit left out. No one takes her words seriously when she comes up with advice how to parent the child effectively. When she accidentally says that she is pregnant, everything suddenly changes; even her father, Walter (James Caan) anxiously awaits the arrival of Ruth’s baby, even more than his other daughter’s baby.

As the film progresses, we see how, as the due date approaches, Ruth must work harder and harder to keep her secret. In the meantime, everything changes for this single lady when the business relationship she has with her manager, Danny (Paul Campbell), develops so quickly that she forgets about her pregnancy. From that moment on things start to change for both of them insanely fast, taking the viewer on an even more fun filled ride. Sonja Bennett seems to be very comfortable playing Ruth, as if the story was written just for her. However, since the screenplay is written by Bennett, there is no question about her performance where every line is delivered flawlessly as intended.

In conclusion, Preggoland may not be great, but is still a funny film with more than a few hilarious scenes, which makes it an absolute delight to watch. Even though some scenes are pretty hard to swallow due to the desperate situation Ruth finds herself in, the film still manages to produce the intended result and without overloading it with extra scenes that could have easily ruined the viewer’s impression.

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