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Film Review: “Adult Beginners” (2015) ★★★★


A young entrepreneur, Jake (Nick Kroll), loses all his friends within seconds when a product that he launches, fails, causing his friends and companions to lose lots of money. Disappointed. Left Alone. Self-centered Jack leaves unforgivable Manhattan to move in with his estranged and pregnant sister, Justine (Rose Byrne), his brother-in-law, Danny (Bobby Cannavale), where he soon becomes his 3-year-old nephew`s nanny.

Adult Beginners is one of those charming films that does not need to aim high in order to entertain the audience. Ross Katz`s film begins with self-centered Jake, who thinks he has created the best product ever, until the moment he finds himself on the train, upset, broken, and listening to unpleasant voice messages left by so-called friends. When he reaches his pregnant sister`s house, he realizes that she is really the only person who can actually help him.

Soon after Jake settles down in Justine`s house, he receives an offer from his sister to look after her son while they are away. This indeed sounds like good fortune for Jake, and heaven for Justine, who needs to get a break from motherhood. To Jake, the seemingly perfect marriage of Justine and Danny is in danger when our hero notices something that he should not have, and this makes him become even closer to his sister; he begins to understand family values more than ever…

The most interesting part of ADULT BEGINNERS is it`s concept and the approach it takes. Despite the simplicity of the story, created by Nick Kroll, who plays the main character as well, there is the right amount of drama, comedy, and a bit of silliness, which looks like it was made all according to Kroll`s plan. This film has a few interesting lines, dialogues, and more importantly, a key value, which is what Jake needed most – the unity of family.

In conclusion, ADULT BEGINNERS may not be entirely suitable as a family film, it is, however, great to watch for a Friday night. Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannacale amaze us with their charm and superior chemistry on the screen. Other than that, Adult Beginners won`t disappoint you, as it is quite charming and an absolutely delightful movie to watch.

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