Film Review: “Survivor” (2015)


Kate Abbot is a Foreign Service Officer based in London. She is intelligent, capable, pays attention to detail, and has a strong instinct and intuition, all which allow her to suspect the very person who is trying to plan an attack in Time Square on Christmas Eve. And, her attempt to draw the government’s attention to this matter does not succeeds. Soon after she gets into double trouble, becoming a target and a suspect in a crime she did not commit.

Survivor is an entertaining action film, starring Milla Jovovich as Jen, James D`Arcy as Paul Anderson, Pierce Brosnan as The Watchmaker, Angela Bassett as the U.S. Ambassador, and Dylan McDermott as Sam, who stands beside Jen when the rest of the world sees her as a primary suspect in a terrorist attack which takes place in the center of London. When the film begins the audience is immediately thrown into action scenes, where two U.S. soldiers are captured and quickly executed. That however, allows the story to develop quickly.

When Sam plans to issue a visa for a doctor who is trying to travel to the U.S. she begins to think of him as a suspicious person, and soon after we find out that she had her reasons to be suspicious. We also get to know Abbot a bit more; how she had lost her best friends during 9/11 which makes her quite sensitive to any terrorist-attempt case she is looking into. As the time passes which is quite unnoticeable and a very good sign for the viewer, we see how Abbot has to use all her skills to escape an assassin, known as The Watchmaker (Pierce Brosnan), and to make her way to New York to prevent the attack before it happens.

Survivor is a solid, gripping, and engaging film, about how one person, on her own, tries to save New York from the second 9/11. Even though the person who plays the hero is a female, you will see the reason Milla Javovich was chosen for this part.  It is evident in her performance. Survivor directed by James McTeigue has everything to interest action film lovers, which is not overloaded with unnecessary action scenes. But it also dedicated to American Law Enforcement, who have prevented 53 attacks since 9/11 which makes this film unlike many others that covers similar subject.

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