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LGBT Film Festival 2015: GRANDMA (2015) ★★★★★


There are few screenwriters and directors who can execute their ideas and vision the way Paul Weitz does in Grandma. Not just because of cleverly written, biting-dialogues, or even the subject matter, but because of their own true feelings and beliefs. This is because GRANDMA, played by the incomparable Lily Tomlin is in all the right places to make such a moving, smart, and sharp-witted film; from Academy Award Nomee Paul Weitz (About a Boy, Little Fockers).

Elle Reid is a self-described misanthrope, who isolates herself from her future and is locked away in the past. Still, she is a very kind-hearted woman, whose protective bubble bursts when her 18-year-old granddaughter, Sage (Julia Garner), shows up at her house for help. Sage needs a bit over six hundred dollars to interrupt her pregnancy, and believes her Grandma is the only person who can help her. Despite this very disturbing request, Elle kindly agrees to help, but tells her that she does not have that much cash. Since Sage`s doctor appointment is that same day, around 5 PM, Elle and Sage go on a day-long trip, that turns into an unbelievable journey, where Elle is confronted with her past, while Sage is faced with her future.

Weitz`s GRANDMA is quite an entertaining film with a superb performance by Lily Tomlin, Marcia Gay Harden, Sam Elliot, and Judy Greer, as Elle`s girlfriend. In this film, where all the events occur in one day shows us that big changes are possible in a short time, while Elle realizes that there is someone else who deserves to have the same beautiful life that she has had for the last thirty years, while Sage thinks of her future, and the consequences of the choice she has to make.  

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