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LGBT Film Festival 2015: THOSE PEOPLE (2015) ★★★★★


I`ve seen a few films during the LGBT Film Festival, but none of them have moved me the way Joey Kuhn’s film has. Right from the beginning of the film, THOSE PEOPLE throws you into an environment led by pure feelings of love, and into one man`s obsession, revealing the protectiveness and self-sacrifice he has had for his best friend whom he has loved for the past 15 years. But will his love bring him happiness, or is it better to keep it locked somewhere inside? The answer is presented in this absolutely beautiful, honest, sentimental and profound film.

Charlie (beautifully played by Jonathan Gordon), who lives on Manhattan`s gilded Upper East Side, is a young gay painter, who is torn between an obsession for his infamous best friend, Sebastian (equally great Jason Ralph), and his new romance with an older foreign pianist, Tim (incomparable Haaz Sleiman). He tries to find peace within himself; to balance his heart. But, when he sees Sebastian in trouble, this makes it impossible for him to build his own life.

THOSE PEOPLE is one of those films that has a unique charm and magnetism and the viewer can`t help but smile and cry along with its heroes. This is all because of the purity and innocence exposed in this film, where the actors themselves feel so incredibly comfortable that the viewer begins to wonder if this is just a performance, or a truth that the filmmaker is trying to hide from us. And believe it or not, after seeing this, It is hard to believe that this was Joey Kuhn`s first featured film. It is made in such a perfect way, as if he had put his own feelings into it.

In conclusion, THOSE PEOPLE is a truly remarkable film by all means, about two best friends, and a pianist, who try to connect the dots in order to find their happiness. It will make you laugh and cry; it will make you feel sad and happy; in love and obsessed throughout the film and you will see that maybe it is not a bad thing when your best friend is secretly in love with you, since this will be one of the reason he will be there for you with a helping hand when it is crucial for you.

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