Film Review: AMY (2015) ★★★★★


When you`re famous everyone wants a piece of you: and no one cares much if you are half dead or very much alive. But when you`re become a troubled person using drugs, alcohol, there is no one there for you to rescue: only judgement and jokes you hear towards your persona.  And when you die, leaving your comfort zone alone in quietness; there is only regret in the hearts and tears in the eyes can be found in those, who have missed great opportunity to save your life. Amy Winehouse said once, that she still wants to taste her better days. But unfortunately, after seeing Kapadia`s film, you will realize that there was no way she could have make out of it alive, to see her better days: because there were no single person in her life who would stand by her side and save her life when she so much wanted to keep.

Asif Kapadia`s AMY is one of those documentaries, if not the only one where he as a filmmaker speaks to the audience through the lyrics of Amy Winehouse, where she describes her personal life, disappointments through her music. We also find out about Winehouse`s special, touching and unique relationship with music, where she uses it as a communication tool with the world. But what we also find out is how lonely she was despite all those people she was surrounded who ‘tried’ to help her to escape the insanity she drew herself in…

AMY is a film that impossible to watch without anger or heartache. Kapadia seems also felt angry and frustrated that all the feelings he had experienced as a filmmaker and human being translates onto his film. That clearly can be felt when he emphasizes her relationship with her father, who pretty much appears in her life when she became famous and wealthy, who mostly was worry about controlling her concert tours rather than her health.

After seeing this documentary film, many lessons can be learned, but that does not mean someone will follow it. Because of various drugs, alcohol and for some other preventable reasons we have lost some real treasury of music world such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Court Cobain, and now, Amy Winehouse`s who adds her name to that long unfortunate list of talents, who as no one else begged for help, but receives only indifferent attitude of those, who she thought can rely on: who uses her as a source of large income, instead of treating as a human being… And of course, in one thing I can assure anyone, after seeing AMY, you will miss her like never before, like she never left us, and still around surprising the world with all kind of situations she putted herself in…

opens July 10 in Toronto (Varsity & Yonge Dundas),
Vancouver (Fifth Avenue & International Village) and Montreal!

The film opens July 17 in Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg,
Calgary, Edmonton and Victoria, with other cities to follow.

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