Film Review: “BIG GAME” (2014) ★★


There was a time when we had the chance to watch numerous movies where the President of the United States is presented as the greatest, bravest man on Earth. That of course happened only in Hollywood films. There’s an alternate depiction of the President, where he locks himself in the freezer, fails to show even the basic skills of fighting against bad guys, and the US Force unable to locate him. His only chance for survival is a thirteen year old boy, who acts as if he is Rambo. If you’ve been longing to see something out of the box, then BIG GAME will certainly exceed your expectations.

When BIG GAME begins, we find Oskari looking at the photo of his thirteen year old self, dreaming one day his photo will appear on the wall of honor. For that to happen, Oskari is sent alone to the forest for hunting, where he must kill something in order transform himself from a little boy to a man. Having no skills in hunting, Oskari goes to the forest to find a deer. Instead, he finds the deadly terrified and fearful of his life, the President of the United States, William Alan Moore (Samuel L. Jackson) all alone. The film give us a hope that it’ll be an intense story about how a thirteen year old boy will try to rescue the president, but from that moment on, it becomes painful to watch. Yet it is the funniest film I’ve seen in a while, but in a very bad way…

Of course, Oskari does not recognize the president. Moreover, even if he eventually believed what the stranger says, he treats him like if that man is a nobody. Certainly, the director Jalmari Helander seemed to have a lot of fun while making this film. And who wouldn’t, if you present in your film the President of the United States as a helpless child, who awaits for his parents to rescue him. A lot of respect goes to Samuel L. Jackson, who seems to have wanted to go down in history as the only actor who portrays the President in a way an American could never imagine.

This film has many issues, and no right direction. The dialogues, describing particular scenes and episodes was so dull, that it was hard to believe it was actually happening. Most of the viewers will find themselves laughing throughout the film, and after what Helander gives them, who could blame them? BIG GAME is most likely made for the European audience, who might appreciate Helander’s attempt. Even though it is a fun film to watch, it still fails to earn the viewer’s attention fully, letting this movie go with its end credits.

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