TV Show Review: “Proof” (2015 – )


What if there is a way to find proof of life after death? What if there is something else awaiting us when we reach the end of the dark tunnel? Carolyn Tyler, an experienced surgeon with the help of billionaire Alan Turing, will try to investigate each and every case that involves people who had experienced a clinical death. The main purpose of it is to prove that the death of a human being is not the end, but just a beginning of something that’s still unknown to humanity. The search for answers is about to end with the new TV SHOW from TNT, PROOF, where Jennifer Beals (THE L WORLD) searches for proof of life after death.

The series created by Rob Bragin begins with Dr. Carolyn Tyler, who is interrupted during her afternoon run with an urgent message received on her pager. Reportedly, a teenage man has been accidentally shot by unknown people. In order to save the patient’s life, Carolyn Tyler has to perform an unauthorized procedure which helps the young man come back to life. However, before it happens, we find him dead on the surgeon table where a desperate doctor tries to do everything possible to enable her patient to see daylight again. During her attempt, we see a young man standing in the crowd. Apparently, he is in the middle of making a decision, whether to completely leave his body or come back. But in order to arrive at the decision to not die, the young man listens to the voice of Tyler, whose incredible effort is finally paid off.

As the pilot episode continues, we find out that Dr. Carolyn Tyler lost her teenage son a year ago in a car accident. Almost the same thing happened with her, when she was rescued in Haiti. During this time, she experienced the same thing as many others who die and reincarnate right after. We also find out that she spent two weeks in Japan after the tsunami, a month in Haiti, on the war in Syria where she attended as a doctor. Divorced and having problems with her teenage daughter, Dr. Carolyn Tyler is persuaded by Ivan Turing, a tech inventor and billionaire with cancer to investigate cases of reincarnation and near-death experiences. In return, he promises to leave her all his money if she finds evidence that death is not final.

Proof’s pilot episode was indeed intriguing, engaging and somewhat scary. In one episode we found out enough about Carolyn Tyler for the writer to feel comfortable giving her enough screen time to continue developing her character through the case she starts investigating. It looks promising, the acting is of top level and the subject matter I am certain many people will find attractive to follow. Certainly, Jennifer Beals’s Carolyn has a long way to go before she finds proof, if she ever will find one. However, after seeing the pilot episode, the journey the viewer is about to take with her would certainly be worth it.

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