Film Review: “Final Girl” (2015)

Final Girl

There are not many movies about how the hunter becomes a prey, or how the prey pretends being a prey in order to hunt its hunters. In Final Girl, directed by Tyler Shields, you will see an absolutely unique story about how a girl is sent to kill a group of young men, who for joy kill teenage girls after playing their violent hide-and-seek-in-the-forest game. In anticipation of the next massacre, the young hunters will underestimate their target, who carries a hidden plan to eliminate them for good in order to save many lives….

When Final Girl begins, we find a young Veronica in a dark room, sitting on a chair, with a man who teaches her how to escape from a maze. Once he introduces himself as an individual who is about to teach her how to survive, we are taken a few years after, where she’s already a well-trained killer, or an agent from an unknown secret service. She again continues her training for her first mission, where she must face four dangerous men, who, for their own pleasure, kill young women. They have already succeeded in killing ten of them, or even more… and this is why Veronica intends to stop them.

As the film goes by, and goes very fast, we find out a bit more about Veronica’s target, and the necessity of her mission. When our heroine finally puts herself into the position of a victim, it’s certainly fun watching how one party expects one thing, while the other one has no idea what’s lies for them next. The scene in the forest where all four are gathered together is a delight to watch at least from a performance point of view. All the actors manage their part so well as if they were enjoying every minute of it while their victim is actually mentally and physically is getting ready to fight back… But the whole trick is Danny, Chris, Shane and Nelson have no idea that the game they will start that night, they will never be able to end it… or will they?

In conclusion, Final Girl may not sound like a movie worth seeing, however, it deserves the attention of anyone who is curious to see something new. Despite its assumingly violent plot, Shields’ movie is not filled with blood scenes, but rather, well-staged and engaging scenes, which the viewer must simply enjoy watching it. Certainly, calling Final Girl as a masterpiece would be wrong, but the director’s and the entire cast’s effort in this film is quite visible and deserves an applause

FINAL GIRL will be available on VOD and digital HD across Canada starting August 14, 2015.

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