Film Review: “No Escape” (2015) ★★★★★


Every time when you take a trip to an exotic country or try to make that country your new home, you expect the palm trees, beautiful beaches and warm-hearted people welcoming you to their country. But what you don’t expect is getting into a country where the violent protests and coup threat not only your life, but the lives of your loved ones. When the Dwyer Family reach their long-awaited destination, first they find themselves locked in their hotel room. Shortly after, when they make their way out of building, they realize that they are trapped right into a boiling pot, and there is no way to escape… And how can you do that, when the whole country is like a trap where the foreigners are on top of the list to be executed….

It’s always difficult to watch a movie where every scene is set the way you feel yourself becoming part of it. Of course, when that movie is comedy with a relaxing plot, you would not mind being a part of it. But what NO ESCAPE offers you is something you least expect. But one thing I can promise you, the ride you will take with the Dwyer Family will be the wildest you ever had. It simply won’t leave you not only alone, but will grab you and transport into the epicenter of a coup and make you experience every minute of desperation, desire to survive, and a fear that you can die any minute, almost the same way our heroes feel throughout the movie; to escape blood-hungry people who want the only thing you care about – your life.

When the movie opens, you find Jack and Annie Dwyer with their kids in anticipation of their new life that awaits them. They can’t wait for their plane to land in Thailand. They still have eleven hours more to fly to something they think they know…. But what they don’t know is the events that are about to occur 17 hours after they land. It’s where the Prime Minister of the country will get killed that’ll pull the trigger of violent protests where angry crowd attack every foreigner and execute them without hesitation. And the moment when their plane touches the ground of beautiful and hospitable Thailand, the life of our heroes will turn into living hell, where they will find themselves locked in a big cage, with no chances to escape.

What makes NO ESCAPE one of the most brilliant movies of its kind is a dynamic and well written story, making the characters think quickly on their feet in order to survive. Owen Wilson’s Jack is a brilliant engineer who must use his ability to think out of the box in order to get out of madness his new job has brought him in. His abilities are remarkable and so believable that you will never question yourself why he does this or that. Pierce Brosnan’s Hammond is the dark horse of this film who plays his part so well that you will wish him to repeat everything all over again.

In conclusion, NO ESCAPE is the movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The only thing you will wish throughout the movie is to be over as soon as possible. And believe me, by the time when it ends you will find yourself left with no nails. But after all what you had to go through with Jack and his family, leaving the theatre with no nails will not bother you much, as the only feeling you will have is the great satisfaction of seeing a high quality movie which we don’t get much nowadays….

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