Film Review: “Death Proof” (2007) ★★★★★


There are many movies that are almost impossible to watch due to an excessive amount of violent scenes. However, there is only one filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino who can make the viewer forget about the negativity violence can bring and make it disappear right after you watch his production. And DEATH PROOF is one of them. This stunning movie follows a man in his so-called ‘death proof’ car who chases young women and kills them in a very brutal way. 14 months later he tries to repeat his deed with another group of women… But you know how it usually happens in Tarantino’s movie… he will allow you to mess with girls once, but never twice. If you have seen KILL BILL, then you already know what I mean….

DEATH PROOF, as it usually happens in all Tarantino’s movies, begins very promisingly. We find four friends, Arlene, Shanna and radio DJ “Jungle” on their way to celebrate Julia’s birthday. In the bar, after having a few drinks and feeling relaxed, we quickly find out that when Julia reveals that she made a radio announcement that morning offering a free lap dance from Arlene in return for addressing her as “Butterfly”. But instead, we find them killed by “Stuntman” Mike (Kurt Russel) who was able to get away with the unspeakable crime. The story develops so quickly that you will find yourself fourteen months later with Zoe (Zoe Bell), Abernathy (Rosario Dawson), Lee and (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) Kim (Tracie Thorns) who decide to take a break from filmmaking and have a little vacation for themselves.

As the movie progresses, and as I mentioned above, very quickly, you will be left to listen to quite entertaining dialogues between the four friends, while Stuntman Mike gets back to his favorite death proof car. Meantime, friends decide to purchase an old fashioned car from their favorite movie and test it before they complete the financial transaction. But things turn out ugly when Zoe’s dangerous stunts is interfered by Mike, who is about to make her ‘fly’. But the maniac forgets one thing that sometimes the victims can also be dangerous… especially when you’re in Tarantino’s world.

DEATH PROOF is an absolutely incredible movie in terms of performance, dialogues, and everything else that you could mention. Right from the beginning you know no matter how many bloody scenes you expect to see, it’s still entertaining seeing how Tarantino makes all those scenes worth watching. The stunt scene of Zoe is worth seeing as many times as you want, while Kurt Russel is simply brilliant as the villain. But the credit must go to the entire cast of the film who delivers top level performance, showing once again how good Tarantino is when he is behind the camera.

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