Film Review: “Before We Go” (2014) ★★★★


When I first heard of BEFORE WE GO directed by Chris Evans, I was not sure if I’ll ever watch it. But after giving it a shot, I realized how talented and gifted he is. Not because he managed to direct a single movie without any trouble, but the story, the way he pulled it out, I cared about more than I could anticipate. Before We Go is one of those films where one synopsis is not enough to describe the whole mood of the movie, profoundness, and simplicity.

Before We Go follows two lonely souls in Manhattan who meet at Grand Central Terminal. Both of them appear in the majestic station for two different reasons: one to play saxophone and try to forget about a woman he loves; the other to escape or run towards something we are yet to find out. Having two different purposes and directions did not stop Nick (Chris Evans) and Brook (Alice Eve) from meeting each other and find a way of dealing with their fears and taking control of their lives.  

What I most liked about this story is the portrayal of real characters, which I cared about. Both Nick and Brook are open, honest people who do not have to disrespect each other just because they just met. For very obvious reason, once Nick finds out that Brook’s purse has been stolen along with her ID card and money, he offers her help. She refuses his help, but only faintly, which allows him to show how generous and kind he can be to strangers.

As the film progresses, we still need to find out why Brook is in such a rush to get home before her husband, whose warm conversation on the phone makes us believe that they have no problems in their marriage. However, Brook is still out there and does not want to open up to Nick in order to release anger or fears she hides inside. But once they both find courage to do that, the two strangers who just met each other will find out more about themselves, more than they have known before.

In conclusion, Before We Go is worth seeing by all means. It’s well directed, convincingly performed by Alice Eve and Chris Evans. This movie is one of those that begins in charming fashion, but ends in an absolutely adorable way. It’s a purely sentimental movie about two people who find each other just to discover their new selves before they proceed with their next step. The step that will open new horizons if they wish… but will they or not is you who must find out.

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