TIFF 15 Review: Brooklyn (2015) ★★★★★


Eilis is an Irish girl who leaves behind her beloved family to have a better life in the United States of America. Upon her arrival in Brooklyn, her dreams start coming true. With the help of a priest, she enters evening school to study bookkeeping, but during the day works in a shop to make ends meet. She even meets a young man named Tony, whose family in spite hating the Irish people, accept her. But one day, tragedy occurs in Eilis’ family in Ireland that will compel her to go back to her homeland. But by the time she arrives there, she realizes the country she left is no longer the same. The door of opportunities will open for her, even a young wealthy man is willing to open up his heart for her… it’s just up to her to decide, to stay or to leave and go back to Brooklyn which gave her more than she could have anticipated….

Brooklyn begins with our heroine, who must leave Ireland in order to build a new life in a new land. On her way to Brooklyn, she meets a woman who gives her a life changing advice. She immediately finds a job in a shop and gets into night school to study. Her ability, skill and mind allows her to shine among the other girls in boarding house. It seems Eilis has a clear agenda what she wants to achieve in her life, however, she does not want to rush into anything, not even in her relationship with Tony, whose big plans promise to have a big future. But as usually happens in life, not everything usually goes smoothly and accordingly the way it’s planned. The same happens with Eilis… But if previously she had no choice but face reality the way it is, this time Eilis is the one who owns her destiny… And this time she has to make a choice: to follow her heart or mind….

Brooklyn is an excellent film about the life of an immigrant; about love, moving forward, never looking back, and decisions that will change an entire life. It’s cleverly written, superbly executed, and more importantly, performed solidly by the entire cast.

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