TIFF 15 Review: London Road (2015) ★★★


Before I even start getting to the second line, I must say one thing: London Road is a film not made for everyone. Majority may not even like it or feel it’s unnecessary bringing it up to the audience. But what do we know about the director’s intention, or the actors who are involved in this project? What I know is the importance of the story for those who had to be a part of it in real life as it’s actually based on a true story that took the lives of five innocent girls by a serial killer who did not like them being prostitutes. As I said, what do we know about this story except it occurring in London Road?

London Road begins slowly as it takes around twenty minutes of time to develop the story. But what we do find out is the residents of London Road, who agree to sit in front of the camera and tell us the story of murders that happened on their streets. As it usually happens in musical films, we get enough singing, some decent music, and a very unlikely approach that may compel some people to walk away from the screening. But let’s remember what I said in the beginning, London Road is not for everyone.

There is no specific main character in the film as everyone who witnessed the event is a major character of London Road. Some scenes, especially the singing one on TV is made in a pretty amazing way, showing how British Cinematography handles the musical part. Even though it’s far from the Hollywood type of musical, London Road’s cannot be disregarded because of its sometimes poor execution. But that does not mean, if I was not impressed with it, you should not like it as well. This is why I will leave it up to you to decide whether you liked it or not. After all, every film deserves your attention, no matter what.


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