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TV Review: “Blindspot” (2015)


It’s fall. And that means it’s time to get back to watching TV and catch up with our beloved TV series or see a new one. Unfortunately, not all series start with a promising pilot, not even close to promising. But there’s one which starts with an extremely dynamic, entertaining and absolutely engaging plot like a bombshell called, Blindspot. In the opening scene it gives you what you exactly expect: New York. Times Square. Hundreds of tourists and New Yorkers enjoying their time. A policeman finds a huge bag right on the square and wonders who it belongs to. But a few seconds later he finds a note asking to call FBI. And the next scene you find empty streets of Times Square where the sapper is about to discover the best finding ever: a naked woman covered with tattoos with no memory and idea of her whereabouts. And if you think you’ve already figured what the Blindspot is about, then I have a surprise for you – it’s not what you think, but much better.

As it was described above, a woman covered with tattoos is found in Times Square. And now, it’s time to find out what was she doing in a huge bag and the secret of her tattoos. A minute later, we find Agent Kurt Weller in rural Kentucky on an important mission. As soon as he accomplishes his mission, he finds himself in a helicopter back to New York to a surprise he does not know awaits him. This is where you find out that on the back of Jane Doe, it says, Kurt Weller, FBI. And that’s where the most interesting part of the series begins where we find out that we’re probably watching one of the best pilot episodes ever broadcasted on TV.

If you think that the Blindspot is about Jane Doe only, her permanently erased memory and the tattoos, then you probably will be quickly surprised with what’s next: she is fluent in Chinese, fights like a ninja, knows how to shoot a man right in his head in a stressful situation and is much smarter than Agent Weller and all together. Weller’s first assignment is hidden right behind her left ear, which was discovered by Jane herself. After seeing that, the writers give us a hint what to expect in upcoming episodes.

Blindspot created by Martin Gero is a TV series you probably have been waiting for a long time but did not know about it. It throws you an interesting subject with the mix of Prison Break and The Blacklist where with every episode you will have to follow Weller and Joe in solving the keys hidden in her tattoos and find out her true identity, which I must say, is quite rich. The character development is absolutely fantastic, performance cannot be even questioned. Everything about Blindspot is what the viewer expects and nothing less but more. After seeing the first episode you can tell there are many mysteries awaiting to be resolved. There are many questions to be answered. But with such a huge start like Blindspot, whatever it is, I am certainly ready to wait until I get my answers. And why not, if it is worth waiting…?

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