Film Review: “The Martian” (2015) ★★★★★

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It is very interesting every time when a film like The Martian comes out; everyone all of a sudden become NASA specialists without having little clue what is really going on in reality. And by the time when those individuals go out to discuss the film, they leave behind the beauty of an art, filmmaking, and simple effort of those who worked hard to get the film through to satisfy the viewer. And by the time when the film is being heavily criticized and discussed piece by piece, the entire impression will disappear in the shadow of unfair criticism that sometimes occur nowadays.

Before I even get start to reviewing The Martian, I must tell, there are only few filmmakers who could have managed to pull out a film of the calibre of The Martian: James Cameron, Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg, Tony and Ridley Scott. Since James Cameron and Steven Spielberg’s speciality is bit different, it is unlikely they would have agreed even getting close to this project. Perhaps, way too easy for them? Not really! However, Ron Howard already made his mark after making Apollo 13. Since Tony Scott is no longer with us, there was only one option I would even ever consider to see on the director’s chair of The Martian: Ridley Scott.  Only he could have brought the biggest actors in one room, well, one left In the Mars, a crew of 15000 thousand to make one film that will one day will be considered as great as Apollo 13. And why should it not?

The Martian follows Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) who, during a manned mission to Mars, is presumed dead. His crew members had no chance to validate that fact and leave Mars due to a fierce storm that could have made them share the fate of Watney. Luckily, Watney survives. And survives not only himself, but his belief, persistence, determination and the hope that he will manage to survive. But when he realizes that he has been successfully located by NASA, he creates every single chance to ensure that he will do his best to help the entire world bring him home alive.

It’s truly epic and absolutely unbelievable seeing how Mark Watney uses his skills gained during the training, or even before, to survive. He even plants potatoes in the Mars. With the running time of the film at 2 hours and twenty minutes, Scott’s film will never leave an impression that it was too long, but rather too short. And that because of the journey the viewer must take to Mars with Watney, or with his crew members who will do their best to bring their man home is something you will simply wish it never ends. And of course, as it usually happens, everything good ends too soon, but that never happens with The Martian. As the intensity grows with every scene, you will simply try to scream or cheer for every decision made in the movie. After all, the heroes of The Martian are not the only one who want to see Watney back on Earth, you as a viewer will wish it even more.

In conclusion, The Martian is the film that will certainly make everyone feel good, and not just because it was made with such great taste and dedication. But because it will remind you that the time of Apollo 13 or Independence Day has not vanished or disappeared in the past, but still here, as long as we have filmmakers like Ridley Scott who will make sure to bring us another masterpiece. But until that, it’s always good to have a film like The Martian as backup plan to watch or re-watch anytime you want, because it is worth seeing it.

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