Film Review: “The Intern” (2015) ★★★★

the intern

There are only good things we can learn from senior people if we give ourselves a chance. With saying that, I mean not using the common language nowadays’ generation use, but rather an advance one, that will help us grow and understand, if you wish, life itself better. And who knows that better than those who are privileged enough to have a long life to know how precious it can be. This is why Nancy Meyer’s The Intern can be considered as one of the special movies made recently, where she creates two dissimilar characters that must learn from each other, but the younger one more. The one, who despite being at her young age is the CEO of a company is still an intern herself, but in life itself without even realising it. So who is really an intern in this movie, and who teaches what is something this warm-hearted film unfolds.

Ben (Robert De Niro) is a seventy-year-old widower. He retired. He has grown up children, beautiful house, and full of energy. He can spend on anything he wants. Suddenly he realizes that his life has a hole he needs to fill soon. And that comes with Senior Intern Program opportunity offered by an online sales company owned by Jules Austin (Anne Hathaway). After few interviews he is hired to be an intern for six weeks and directly work with Jules herself. Jules’ life is unorganised, has many problems, yet, she is great leader. When Ben sees that the empire she created with hard work is about to slip out of her hands, he comes to rescue her. First the charming old man cleans her office, then stops her driver from sitting behind the wheel due to alcohol abuse during working hours, and in the end, he begins cleaning up her life from the mess that is about to ruin everything she has, including her family.

There is an undeniable rule of life: we live, we get experience, we get wiser as we get older but never younger. When an online shopping company opens a Senior Intern position with a lifetime of experience, they did not know that in the face of Ben they are about to get a great asset: a person, who within a second becomes Mr. Charming, helper, and life saver. What those people don’t know about Ben is that he was in charge of printing, and moved to advertising where he worked for almost forty years. And yet, the office where he spent his last four decades is located in the same building where he an intern right now. You will also get a chance to meet Jules’ husband, Matt (Anders Holm) who quits his job to substitute for his wife’s duties at home, and to babysit their daughter. But as you know, sometimes an ideal life is never how it looks like unless you get a chance to observe it from the inside.

The concept of The Intern is great, educational and truly inspiring. It opens your eyes to many important things you might have never noticed before. After all, if the writer and the director of the film is Nancy Meyers, what else you can expect? There is nothing in this film you could have complained about: the story is simple and intelligent. It carries deep meaning and serves great purpose. And in the end by the time when the movie is over, you will find yourself a different person. A person who will be more appreciative, which I am sure you already are, more respectful towards senior people, their experience, knowledge, and advice that are always useful.

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